My Top 5 2015 Metal Albums

Although I spent most of my time listening to lesser known bands, I found some very interesting and original stuff in 2015, enough to create this list (which is my first online) of top 5 Metal Albums of 2015.

#5 – Clouded Visions – Hypermass


The album isn’t one of the most amazing ones I’ve listened to in the last year, yet they offer some interesting stuff making it one of the bands to continue to follow and expect something great one day, yet, I hope.

My favourite songs remains Clouded Visions which makes enough to place it in the fifth place of the best 2015 album I’ve listened in the last 12 months. Catchy and melodic (the way I like them) Clouded Visions song illuminates us on Hypermass‘ potential. Please guys, make your next album based on this song model!

#4 – Structurae – Atrorum


A refreshing album mixing different cultural influences. Although my German is quite limited to Guten Tag and Aufwidersen, I constantly kept trying to sing some of Structurae songs. Melodic and kinky, Atrorum‘ album is sure to enlighten your melodic repertoire. Along with great musical composing, one enough open to listen to other stuff than metal will greatly enjoy this intelligent album.

#3 – Laniakea – The Ritual Aura


“Wow” is the Word, and the Word is not enough to share with you the sheer power of this album in which The Ritual Aura presents with Laniakea. Strong melodic riffs and melodies, heavy tight beats and a great guttural voice, this band amazes us with their powerful songs.

#2 – Children of the Night – Tribulation


When the first song plays, you’re not sure if it is Black Metal or something else. It definitely is Black Rock! Offering a Black Metal shrieking voice, great melodic riffs, the thing rocking this album is the drums. We get the overall feel of 70’s rock with the tubed guitar amps but making it black is the delicious swedish melodies of Tribulation, making The Children of the Night one of the best Metal albums of 2015.

Maybe my greatest discovery since Kvelertak. An album that every rocker must listen to. Black Rock in all its sense!

#1 – Epistemology – Keep of Kalessin


What to say other than the Devilish sign _!,,! ? Even though the most known band in this list, Keep of Kalessin yet again offers us another great album with Epistemology. After Reptilian they impress us again with a grand album that keeps us expecting more from them on their future releases.

A great band, a great album and great songs. #1 album in my list for 2015.

!,,!_  Metal On!  _!,,!