Tiny Changes To The Kultur 666 Podcast

k6-icon-2.0-podcastIf you’ve subscribed to the Kultur 666 Podcast through a podcast client, please take note that the URL of the RSS feed has changed.

Starting September 1st 2016 the host of the Kultur 666 Podcast will be Soundcloud and to subscribe and download the episodes through your favourite podcast client, it must be done with the following URL: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:203985226/sounds.rss

If you’ve been listening through iTunes or the posts on kultur666.com, nothing has changed and nothing changes. You will still be able to listen and download the episodes through the episode posts in kultur666.com or through iTunes.

In addition, now you can follow us on Soundcloud.com and interact with our tracks. While you’re at it, take also a peek to what we listen to. (What?!? There’s tons of minimal techno?!?)

!,,!_ Metal On _!,,!

Sun Killer by Shadow Witch – A Comment


Out today, Monday August 15th 2016, is Shadow Witch‘s ‘Sun Killer‘ via Snake Charmer Coalition, a stoner metal album that you’ll sure to like if you’re into that style.

Featuring good rock vibes, ‘Sun Killer‘ has all the required elements for a solid debut effort.

The Quartet from Kingston, New York presents us with something of a 70’s rock along some more modern Fuzzy style. If your into old Black Sabbath or into some recent doomer rock, then Shadow Witch is what you’re looking for. Expect to hear more about Shadow Witch in the times to come.

Listen to the Soundcloud streaming below and Rock On! Get ‘Sun Killer‘ by Shadow Witch available today.

ORDER: http://snakecharmercoalition.bigcartel.com/product/shadow-witch-sun-killer
LISTEN: http://www.shadowwitch.bandcamp.com/
LABEL: http://snakecharmercoalition.com