‘The Opposed’ by Zornheym – A Comment

zornheym_the_opposed-1400x1400Out last August 19th 2016, was the single ‘The Opposed‘ by Zornheym via Non Serviam Records.

Founded by an ex-bassist of Dark Funeral, Zornheym is completed by full-professional musicians with lots of background and know how. The result? A full scale epic symphonic black/death metal album that is in the works and ‘The Opposed’ is its first single to come out and give us a taste of the awaiting album.

So for the moment we’ll listen to ‘The Opposed’ a couple of times, but still, we can’t wait too long for the future album to come out. When? Which? I’ll let you know more when we’ll have the info, so stay tuned and listen to the following Bandcamp streaming widget and buy!



Bringers Of Delusion by Assailant and Ubiquitous Realities [Split] – A Comment

048_1Out February 27th 2016 was an interesting split album from two Costa Rican band: ‘Bringers of Delusion‘, featuring Assailant, a thrash metal act, and Ubiquitous Realities, a death metal band; album launched via Symbol Of Domination Productions and Cavan Records.

For the first half, Assailant brings amazing solos and fast rhythmic riffs that paves the way for the second part, led by Ubiquitous Realities, where they shred the rest of the album tearing everything down in guttural madness and terrific doom.

From two of the most promising metal acts from Costa Rica, expect a really powerful album full of talent and marvellous destruction. Listen for yourself with the following Bandcamp streaming widget and buy.


LIKE Assailanthttp://www.facebook.com/assailantcr
LIKE Ubiquitous Realities:  http://www.facebook.com/ubiquitousrealities
LABELShttp://www.facebook.com/symbolofdominationprod AND http://www.thecavanstudio.com/

Transmutant by Ruptured Birth – A Comment

ruptured-birth-coverartOut last September 23rd 2016, was Ruptured Birth‘s Transmutant via CDN Records.

A death metal album on the verge of brutal slam, the act from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, delivers a powerful album that shreds and tears the walls apart.

Having formed in 2014, Ruptured Birth has already a previous EP released, ‘Arachni Supremacy‘ which is included in the digital package on Bandcamp. They have toured in and around Ontario and are booked up until the Holidays, so checkout if they’re coming near you.

Listen to the following Bandcamp streaming widget and buy.


ORDER: http://www.cdnrecords.com/product/ruptured-birth-transmutant-arachni-supremacy-mcd-as-bonus-tracks/
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/RupturedBirthScigrind
LABEL: http://www.cdnrecords.com

‘A Void Into The Fields Of Silence’ by Spirit Of The Forest – A Comment

spirit-of-the-forest-a-void-coverOut today, October 5th 2016, is ‘A Void Into The Fields Of Silence‘ by Spirit Of The Forest via Scum Productions.

A black metal band from Québec, Canada, expect to hear old school black metal with Spirit Of The Forest‘s ‘A Void Into The Fields Of Silence‘.

Featuring songs in English and the other half in French, the album is also titled ‘La Nature Oubliée‘ (The Forgotten Nature), for its francophone half.

A really well produced album with well written songs, the spirit of the album revolves around northern themes. Although a bit less Nordic than our Scandinavian fellows and without “les Nordiques” also (blague), Québec is a niche of black and death talents, and Spirit Of The Forest lives up to their reputation.

In the vein of Emperor and Dissection, listen to the following Bandcamp streaming widget and buy this great album. We feel the cold of winter.


ORDER: http://scumproductions.bandcamp.com/album/a-void-into-the-fields-of-silence-la-nature-oubli-e
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spirit-of-the-forest/225454954171337
LABEL: https://www.facebook.com/scumproductions/

‘The New Flesh’ EP by Nonexist – A Comment

coverOut yesterday, September 30th 2016, was Nonexist‘s self-released ‘The New Flesh‘ EP.

Featuring pounding original songs, the band of a death metal style, delivers a really cool album that is as good to listen as it is refreshing to hum.

Clearly a record to own, Nonexist‘s ‘The New Flesh‘ EP is a must to your playlist.

Listen for yourself:

ORDER iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/the-new-flesh-ep/id1131525654
ORDER Amazon: https://amzn.com/B01I1L2EFI
ORDER Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6fVaTgYAKh4UZAknIuNJJ7
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/nonexistofficial

Peter Grusel und die Unheimlichen (Eponymous) – A Comment

peter_grusel_coverOut today, September 30th 2016, is the self-titled album of Peter Grusel und die Unheimlichen via Kernkraftritter Records and distributed by Alive.

With a pinch of humor but tons of aggressiveness, Peter Grusel und die Unheimlichen delivers us a unique sounding album plunging us on the death metal and thrash style where we can also hear some Pantera and Sepultura inspirations.

Based in Germany and with enough experience to know how touring and recording works, they’ve produced an album that is refreshing and interesting to listen.

The album includes a live song, Abattoir, which has been recorded when as a support band for Pro-Pain earlier this year.


‘Pillars Of The Sky’ by Netherbird – A Comment

netherbird_pillars_single_2016Out today September 30th 2016, is Netherbird‘s second single ‘Pillars Of The Sky‘ via Black Lodge Records.

After Windwards, their previous single, Netherbird leads us to their following full-length album ‘The Grander Voyage‘ available next October 28th 2016, with this single, ‘Pillars Of The Sky‘ including another song, ‘Brazen Splendour’, which is available only in this release.

A mix of 90’s death and black metal, expect a unique sound with Netherbird and their next album ‘The Grander Voyage‘. They are from Sweden and you can stream ‘Pillars Of The Sky‘ and ‘Windwards‘ via Bandcamp, and while you’re at it, be generous and buy those singles.


ORDER: https://netherbird.bandcamp.com/album/pillars-of-the-sky-single
LIKE: http://facebook.com/netherbird
WEB: http://www.netherbird.com/
LABEL: http://www.soundpollutiondistribution.se/black-lodge