Love Will Drown The Nest – En Love

A cool unnewbie, but their latest Love Will Drown The Nest by En Love realeased in October 2020. They and some others define a genre called Columbus Hardcore… I hear some Kvelertak

This daily Bandcamp article will light some Oiho Hardcore fanship to some more of this type. Enjoy!

‘Identity Shapes’ by Deadwound – A Comment


Out this Friday, February 17th 2017, is ‘Identity Shapes‘ EP by Deadwound via Black Bow Records.

A hardcore/sludge quintet from South West London, UK, Deadwound delivers a powerful EP that is in between doom stock and stoner metal but definitely in the veins of rocker sludge.

A heavy packed five piece EP, ‘Identity Shapes‘ by Deadwound is a great album if you’re looking for something new, with low guitars and harsh vocals.

The production really good for the kind of music, lets hope we see a Bandcamp page soon.


Paradise (EP) by Hells – A Comment

Paradise.v2Hells launched their first EP last Friday May 13th 2016, Paradise.

Edging between punk, trash rock and hardcore, they achieve an atmosphere of pounding destruction and shredded rage.

They’ve been banded for two years, and being from Philadelphia, they have all it needs to take over the town and show the world of what they’re capable.

Short and sweet, Hells’s Paradise EP is sure to please the fans of hardcore and punk.