The Everlasting Plague – Pathology

They are back! Pathology with a new album, The Everlasting Plague, a follow up of the solid Reborn to Kill which came out in 2019.

I’ve been listening to this gem all morning on repeat, and it’s a boner!

Take a listen to it!

‘Unholy Infestation’ by Desecrate the Faith – A Comment


Out March 3rd 2017, was ‘Unholy Infestation‘ by Desecrate the Faith via Comatose Music.

A Texan death metal act with some angry music to share with us, be ready to revisit some old-school death metal à la Suffocation and Chris Barnes era Cannibal Corpse.

Very heavy but very reminiscent of good old days, Desecrate the Faith delivers totally with a powerful album of high quality death metal with a really good production.

Highly recommended, available on Bandcamp and Spotify.



‘Butchering The Colossus’ by Bear Mace – A Comment


Out today, March 1st 2017, is self-released ‘Butchering The Colossus‘ by Bear Mace.

A death metal act from Chicago, USA, Bear Mace offers us a really cool album that is well produced and really well written.

With pounding catchy riffs and a mesmerizing guttural voice, ‘Butchering The Colossus‘ by Bear Mace is one of those album that catches your attention on the first listen and make you comeback for more.

Existing as a duo since 2012, they are now five members that should be throwing shows in your neighborhood very soon, so stay alert for Bear Mace‘s mention.

Highly recommended, available on Bandcamp.



‘You Owe You Pay’ by Carnal Decay – A Comment


Out this Friday March 3rd 2017, is ‘You Owe You Pay‘ by Carnal Decay via Rising Nemesis Records.

A death metal act from Switzerland, Carnal Decay are on their fourth full-length release with ‘You Owe You Pay‘, a compelling album that has smashing riffs and great guttural vocals.

A great release to happen now, ‘You Owe You Pay‘ by Carnal Decay might be in my top 10 albums of 2017. A great production with great song writting, this album is a must in your playlist. Available on CD this Friday, you can also get it on Bandcamp and Spotify right now.



Reign by Sons Ov Omega – A Comment


Released last February 18th 2017, was Reign by Sons Ov Omega via Black Lion Records.

A melodic death metal band from Sweden, Sons Ov Omega features Invictuz on the vocals from Wormlight, a welcomed band that share the same label.

Featuring well planed songs for the last 5 years since their inception, Sons Ov Omega hit the studio in 2015 to start give birth to Reign where, not only do they achieve a well produced album, but also makes us beg for more of this well written record.

Revolving around the themes of death and annihilation, the vein of the album is coherent with bands such as Edge Of Sanity and some Enslaved.

Highly recommended to your playlist, you can find Reign by Sons Ov Omega on Bandcamp.



Wilt by Mordbrand – A Comment


Out tomorrow, Friday February 24th 2017, is Wilt by Mordbrand via Carnal Records.

A Swedish death metal band on their second full-length album, Wilt is Mordbrand‘s most mature album where, after many splits, some EPs and a previous first full-length album released in 2014, Mordbrand presents us a very well produced album with highly polished songs.

A very good album to have in your playlist, lets hope they put the album on Bandcamp and Spotify very soon.


Plague by Hate Unbound – A Comment


Out next Friday, February 17th 2017, is Plague by Hate Unbound via Inverse Records.

A death/thrash metal band from Detroit, Michigan, USA, Hate Unbound are touring this spring with a new album called Plague which is a heavy load of brutal thrash and heavy beats.

A really good album if you’re into the death/thrash style; well produced, with a real killer distortion and great vocals, Plague by Hate Unbound can be sampled in the following Bandcamp widget.



Spread The Plague Tour 2017:
4.-13 New Haven, IN
4.-14 Chicago, IL
4.-15 Milwaukee, WI
4.-16 Des Moines, IA
4.-17 Peoria, IL
4.-18 St. Louis, MO
4.-19 Nashville, TN
4.-20 Louisville, KY
4.-21 Pittsburgh, PA
4.-22 Cleveland, OH
4.-23 Toledo, OH