The Rise Of Evil​:​Killer Instinct – Rimfrost

The Swedish band Rimfrost are back, returning with a 2-piece single, The Rise Of Evil​ : ​Killer Instinct released independently January 6th 2022.

After the splitting of the band in 2019, they came back to the studio in 2021 to record Killer Instinct (released in 2021) and these two songs which in all follows the theme of their previous album Expedition : Darkness released in 2019.

The songs are reminiscent of Scandinivian Blackened Heavy Metal.



Released last November 26th, 2021: La noyade de la sorcière by RvbberVvitch; a Canadian rhythmic-melodic black matelasque piece that intrigues the most respected aficionados of the genre and lets the imagination-creeps sink in… Enjoy!

Kurdaitcha – Mamaleek

Deep. Not for frail ears. It doesn’t give me chills, but reminds me of horrors… Music can be horrible and beautiful like Mamaleek does with this 2021 remaster originally released March 15, 2011.

Allgegenwärtig by Streams of Blood – A Comment


Out today, Saturday February 25th 2017, is Allgegenwärtig by Streams of Blood via Folter Records.

A black metal duo from Germany, Streams of Blood released their third full-length album, Allgegenwärtig, which is a dark album in the veins of old school Norwegian black metal but with a good production.

For the purest fans of black metal, Allgegenwärtig by Streams of Blood is an album that has the potential of becoming a classic as the riffs are catchy, the drums tight and steady and the vocals classic to black metal.

In the veins of Immortal, you can for the moment stream the previous albums of Streams of Blood while we wait for Allgegenwärtig to be online.


Hope by Mord’A’Stigmata – A Comment


Out this Friday, February 17th 2017, is Hope by Mord’A’Stigmata via Pagan Records.

A band from Poland that is in between black metal, blackened death metal and post metal, Mord’A’Stigmata offers us a journey of dark emotions, which the main brain of the band, Static, tries to explain in the brief following citation, that their music is more than simple black metal songs:

[…] This is what this record is about. It is hard for me to call the music on “Hope” black metal. Anyway, I get the impression that the term is frequently abused and given a wrong meaning nowadays. As usual, we came up with a mixture of styles to be named by people wiser than us. We play more with hearts than with heads and do not intend to play someone we are not. And that’s actually what “Hope” is, the music of pure emotions.

In all, Hope by Mord’A’Stigmata is a good dark album of four songs (which the majority runs for near or over 12 minutes) and, along with a great other band, Obscure Sphinx, they are touring this spring to present their new album, and we hope, they’ll have great success as such album deserves.

A must to have on your playlist, available on Bandcamp.


Kepler by Aksaya – A Comment

Out last December 15th 2016, was Kepler by Aksaya via Satanath Records.

A black metal act from France, Aksaya delivers a technically themed album, sung in French, where the production is all good and where the album is filled with distortion and vibrant beats all across the tracks.

Formed in 2013, Kepler is their second full-length album and I’m sure the album will know success as it is melodic and exotic at the same time.

For those looking new sounding black metal and original melodies, the album, Kepler by Aksaya, is available on Bandcamp.