For over a year I’ve been passionate about pipe tobacco and pipe smoking. I bought my first pipes in 2007 when I had stopped smoking cigarettes (for the 20th time I think) and as I was shopping for cigars at Montreal’s Blatter & Blatter Tobacconist. I looked at the pipe basket on the counter, where they had different pipes on sale, and grabbed one telling myself: “I would like to try one on these”.

My previous landlord was a big pipe smoker. I don’t know if he still smokes them but back then I was telling myself: “since I do like the tobacco pipe odour as it smelled at Michel’s, I might like it also”. So I grabbed a Genot bent billiard and a pouch of English house blend as recommended by the old man behind the cash register and went back home with the idea that I might had made a mistake spending 60$ on both items.

Back at home, I lit up my new pipe and tried to enjoy my new hobby. An English blend was the first mistake of my improvised shopping. I didn’t like it very much. But still I insisted that I had to keep trying so I put the pipe aside and gave myself time to learn how to pipe smoke.

Now my memory is a bit failing as I don’t remember exactly why, but I bought a second pipe afterwards with, I think, a second pouch of the same blend. I kept puffing once in a while with the idea that I would become a pipe smoker. All in all I ended up giving up pipe smoking, reverting back to cigarettes and giving what I had left of the pipe tobacco to a friend who regularly smoked it also and storing my pipes within a drawer telling myself that at least I had tried but still the idea was sticking that maybe one day I would give another try to it.

Fast forward 7 years later, I was looking to satisfy my appetite for tobacco when I thought about my pipes and decided to give it another shot. A a Goal it was!

Although pipe tobacco had almost doubled its price in 7-8 years, for a month I smoked 10g of tobacco per day. I started with a low-profile aromatic which I enjoyed a lot in the beginning, but being half able to work due to some health issues, I need to find a way to get cheaper tobacco.

In my searches I found cheaper and much better tobacco than that newbie low-fi aro. Along the way I learned a lot about pipe tobacco and found a keen interest in my new vice.

Fast forward to today, I still have a lot to learn on pipes and tobacco but Dear God have I spent much time looking into this subject. So much that I became almost (almost) an intermediate knower on pipes and pipe tobacco in one and a half year.

So, all the text above is to lead to the links below about my favourite sites on pipe tobacco, tobacco pipes and some of them related to tobacco in general. I’ll present in the following lines the links with a section title, a link title, a link description and finally the link at the end, so you all might have the right info on those sites as a reference to any further research of reading you might like to do.

Tobacco Stores

    • Maybe the best Website for pipes and pipe tobacco in my opinion. They excel in passion and quality for their services.
    • Maybe the best Website for Dry Snuff. I’m still looking for an American supplier ranging in the same seriousness and quality of service.
    • Maybe the easiest way to get tobacco leaf by the pound by mail. They have a great variety of tobacco leafs. Don’t be picky as the industry might be, but you can’t get easier service for leaf by the pound by mail as this gets.

Pipe Tobacco Producers

  • G. L. Pease Blog
    • A great gentleman with intelligent Words and advice. Greg is a pipe tobacco poet. His knowledge and passion sure gets us by the emotions and his blog is a blessing for all of us.
  • Cornell & Diehl
    • A great pipe tobacco company in USA. Their range and variety is astonishing and you’ll sure spend a lot of time going through their inventory looking for the next perfect smoke.
  • McClelland Tobacco Company
    • Another great American pipe tobacco company. Lots of info on different types of blends.

Tobacco Review Sites

    • A cool site for first hand reviews. Some are light hearted and some are very serious. You must visit this site on every new blend you try or are thinking of trying.
    • Another cool site for pipe tobacco reviews. A visit to this one also is pertinent for your next new smoke.
    • Although mainly for cigars, if you’re like me and enjoy a cigar once in while, you’ll like visiting this site for your next or new stoogy.

Tobacco Pipe Manufacturers and Artisan Pipe Makers

  • Savinelli
    • An incontournable of Italian pipe makers. Although most of their pipes are machine made, they are of very good quality and they offer a great Website for visiting their catalogue of pipes.
  • Peterson of Dublin
    • Another incontournable of pipe making. My favourite manufacturer, they have nice stuff on their Website.
  • Morgan Pipes
    • The only artisan pipe maker I’m listing here (I focus on eye pleasing Website navigation), Morgan Pipes is a cool Website where you can buy their pipes directly with them. I’m mostly fond of their Bones pipes.

Pipe Information

    • A great site to find a wide variety of information on pipes and pipe tobacco. If you’re new to pipe smoking or have a relatively low knowledge on pipes and tobacco, go to this Website. Lots and lots of information.
    • Although for more advanced pipers and pipe collectors, is a great Website to scavenge for pipe history and pipe brands across the last century.

Pipe Maker’s Supplies

  • Pimo Pipe Craft
    • Although a very basic 1998 style Website, you can order almost all the tools necessary to repair and craft your own pipes.
    • Another site that sells briar and stems to build your own pipes.

Tobacco Pipe Blogs

  • Dutch Pipe Smoker
    • A cool blog maintained by a dude called Arno. He travels Europe for pleasure and pipes. Well written and very instructive.
  • A Passion For Pipes
    • A gentleman called Neil Archer Roan shares his passion for pipes. Well written and a charm to read.
  • Blog
    • The online store team’s blog. A witty blog about all things tobacco pipes and pipe tobacco. Always a pleasure to read.