I’ve had enough of aromatic pipe tobacco. Even though I started by puffing a lot of aromatics, either the aro ‘bacci I got isn’t pleasing me at all or either I’ve overdosed on it.

It only has been over a year since I’ve been regularly smoking the pipe. I started out with OTC Colts American Mixture moving afterwards to MacBaren’s 7 Seas Regular and various other aros until 6 months later I started acquiring English blends up to lately smoking almost only natural blends.

Even though the last aro I smoked was quite amazing (Peterson’s Luxury Mixture) I think it is time to put almost all aros aside and keep venturing on the natural blends sea.

I’ll get more aros such as the Luxury Mixture but I might keep with the high quality brands and leave other lesser brands on the side (not naming them, they keep doing some nice stuff).

I’ve mostly been smoking an English blend high on Latakia in the morning, moving in the afternoon with a Periqued English to move on the evening with some Dark Fired and Burley based blends until it gets late and cigarettes become a quicker alternative.

Next move will be some Virginia/Perique which I’m wondering how I will like it. I tried once some Virginia flakes but it wasn’t quite to my taste. Too grassy for me. I guess I’m not a Virginia piper but still I might enjoy it later in my life.