Not a Virginia fan, I didn’t know how I would like the sample I was about to receive from SmokingPipes.com this month.

But saved by a right amount of Perique, I properly enjoyed the blend. It started out as a majorly present taste of fine Virginia, which I prefer in cigarettes, but when the Perique kicked in, a great tasting smoky flavour enveloped the grassy Virginia delivering a well balanced taste and aroma which I really enjoyed and kept hoping for more in the end.

Although I consider the Virginia based blends for the more experienced smoker I encourage novices to try them, and hope, they will better like it than me.

In time for Lane’s 125th Anniversary comes this: Lane’s first Virginia/Perique blend. The combination is simple: red and bright Virginias, and a light dose of dark Louisiana Perique for extra spice and flavor.

Available in 1.75oz tins and bulk at SmokingPipes.com.