Here’s more on autonomous drones with Amazon Prime Air. Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president for global public policy, told Yahoo News that they are in motion to deploy autonomous delivery drones for Amazon and almost nothing is stopping them.

These drones are to carry 5lb packages over 10 miles in 30 minutes allowing one to receive the vast majority of Amazon’s products where the average shipping box is usually less than 5lb.

Commercial aerial drones zones are also in talks along with NASA where they would fly in an aerial area of between 200 and 400 feet high.

So along with the Ehang 184 and Amazon Prime Air drones, we should expect our skies to be very busy in our near future. As Paul Misener says on automated delivery drones, such drones will soon be “as normal as seeing a delivery truck.”.

(via Ars Technica and Yahoo News)