I was ordering some Dunhill’s bulk My Mixture 965 and I had stumbled accross Sutliff’s 965 Match on SmokingPipes.com. I decided to order some of this tobacco and why not compare both of them.

After trying both of them I can say that there is a similarity between them. Sutliff’s 965 Match is both smooth and creamy as Dunhill’s My Mixture 965. In fact Sutliff’s is quite a good replacement for My Mixture but with less the Dunhill’s “Magik” taste.

Since I’m most of the time on a tight budget and Dunhill’s tobaccos aren’t the cheapest, Sutliff’s 965 Match can be a handy tobacco if I ever am looking for some similar tasting of Dunhill’s. But for sure, 965 Match doesn’t come with the pungent bakground taste that Dunhill’s offers. So will I order more of it? Maybe, it is a good English blend.

Available in bulk at SmokingPipes.com.