005-443-0077This is my favourite blend to start the day. Rich in Virginia’s, medium on Orientals and heavy on Latakia, the blend starts on the first bowl third as mainly a mellow English blend and its spiciness builds up until the second third gets burning. Then, until the end of the last third, it becomes a mainly spicy smoke.

If you don’t like Latakia don’t try this one. But if you do, I recommend get a 1oz first to see if it is your kind of heavy Latakia blend.

Lemon Virginias, Smyrna and other Orientals, and Latakia are combined in Sutliff’s Heavy English, which despite its name is rather lightly balanced as far as Latakia mixtures go — some even find it quite suitable as an “all day” type of smoke.

I’m suspecting that its Latakia is a lesser quality one but none the less it is a nicely blended English. As I said, I love starting the day in the morning with one or two bowls of it; as I have been doing so for almost a year.

Available in bulk at SmokingPipes.com.