005-443-0010Love at first puff it was with Sutliff’s Fox & Hound. One of the Tobacco Galleria series, Fox & Hound is an English blend with Perique.

Usually I think of its taste and smell as a kind of incensed tobacco, where the smoky Perique along with the colourful Orientals gives this blend a somewhat ritualistic smoke.

I’ve maybe smoked 6 pounds of Fox & Hound in the last year. Usually masterfully blended, my last order wasn’t as tasty as I usually got it. It isn’t my nose or my taste buds but it might be the “Galleria” of Sutliff’s line of Tobacco Galleria. I don’t know how they blend those tobaccos but I don’t think they select the leafs as they do in their Private Stock blends.

A traditional smoke for the discriminating English smoker, this mix of Red Virginia, Turkish, Burley, Latakia, and Perique is of medium strength and guaranteed to please.

Anywho, you can find this usually artfully blended English at SmokingPipes.com in bulk at a very low price. Try it, you might love it!