If you’ve ever wanted a good English Blend that is less expensive than for say, Dunhill’s English blends, or are looking for a less “niched” English blend at a good price, then Lane Limited’s Medal of Valor is a great blend to invest into.

Less pungie than Dunhill’s 965 and better tasting than a stout English blend, Medal of Valor is sure to please the novice piper as also please the experienced one.

Its smoke is suave and fulfilling. The Orientals along with the Virginias and Burleys counter balance the Latakias and the added touch of Perique to create a well balanced smoking pleasure. The only thing missing from this blend is its own pungent aroma and it would be an awesome blend.

Taking it’s name from the highest award presented to Public Safety Officers in the United States, Medal of Valor, this Lane Limited blend combines a heavy presence of specially selected Latakia, accompanied by loose and cross cut Virginias, Burley, and hints of Oriental and Perique.

Available in 1.75 oz tins and in bulk at SmokingPipes.com.