Here’s some fresh Death Metal from Stockholm, Sweden from a band known as Riket. They are launching what seems to be their first EP today (May 31st, 2016) and although containing only 4 tracks, one of them is quite interesting to listen to: Lågor vid portarna; being on its own a bargain for the price of the album.

Drums performed by At The Gates drummer, Adrian Erlandsson, and Netherbird guitarist, Tobias Jakobsson, the band seeks to innovate out of official stands.

With interesting vocals by Johan Nephente Fridell, they could be on their own an official act; although being kind of one by itself, members have their own official bands to not diverge full time into side project Riket. But who knows, time can tell and we can listen!


Johan Nephente Fridell – Vocals Tobias Jakobsson – Bass and guitars Adrian Erlandsson – Drums

Averter by Riket out now!

ORDER: https://riket.bandcamp.com/ WEB: http://www.riket.org/ LABEL: http://www.scarecrowgroup.com/