coverIf there’s something impressive (for me, at the least) in the world of death/black metal, is women artists participating in a field of music which their musicians and singers are mostly men.

Then there are opposites like Sisters Of Suffocation from Netherlands which is an all-girl death metal band. Guitar/bass and drum wise, there isn’t a single thing in the death/black scene that a woman can’t do. But when it comes to vocals we usually expect some very virile (mostly death) or some effeminate (some black) singer to be behind the mic. Not in this case. Sisters Of Suffocation are all sisters including the very guttural Els Prins.

I know some death/black bands that have a guttural or screaming female singer, but Sisters Of Suffocation achieve both at a higher level of voicing, in my opinion.

So once introduced; they self-released an album, ‘Brutal Queen’, earlier this year which is well produced and very pleasant to listen. The title song of the album is not only a very good song, it is the song they needed to break the ice and make us want some more.

So wait no more. Listen to the Bandcamp streaming widget below and discover by yourself, or/and watch the official music video of Brutal Queen.