Metta, Benevolence BBC 6Music : Live on the Invitation of Mary Anne Hobbs – Sunn O)))

Another one from Sunn O))), recorded in 2019 in UK for the BBC 6 radio show, Samhain. Included in this ambient release is Troubled Air from the 2019 release Life Metal which I really enjoyed when it came out.

This album is already available on Bandcamp and merchandise is to be released in 2022.

Twingiant/Into the Storm, Cassette Split – A Comment


Out this Friday January 20th 2017, is a split cassettes by Twingiant and Into The Storm via Tridroid Records.

Two roaded sludge/stoner/heavy rock bands, releasing a common intro cassette for the masses; both bands share with us a pinch of their talent so that we discover their talent, and talent they have.

A nice intro into their music, discover both bands and surf their pages on Bandcamp as their albums are available for streaming.


BUY Twingiant:
BUY Into The Storm:

‘The Rest Is Silence’ by The Von Deer Skulls – A Comment


Released today on Halloween, Monday October 31st 2016, is ‘The Rest Is Silence‘ by The Von Deer Skulls via Wraith Productions.

An excellent psych-prog metal band from 3 parts of the world – France, Germany and Canada – The Von Deer Skulls propulsive music sends us into a world of real fantasy and simili-chaos where we’re not shred into pieces but are flight-sick and at peace.

A delightful of diverse sounds where one is invited to drunkenness and ecstasy; like a good wine which we know we must not drink too much – but is so good.

To have in your playlist – absolutely.


‘The Age Of Aquarius’ by Gloomy Grim – A Comment

151-1Out last June 6th 2016 was Gloomy Grim‘s ‘The Age Of Aquarius‘ album via Satanath Records and MurdHer Records.

Essentially a symphonic black metal album, Gloomy Grim uses also thrash metal and death metal to spice up the album which is well produced and interesting to listen.

Gloomy Grim started in 1995 in Finland as a one-man project and developed into being a band that led to five full-length releases and a period of silence before they came back with ‘The Age Of Aquarius‘.

Using the theme of horror expect to be transported from song to song into a whirlwind of fantasy and agony. You can find Gloomy Grim on bandcamp.



‘Into Oblivion’ by Obsidian – A Comment


Out today October 11th 2016, is Obsidian‘s new second full-length album, ‘Into Oblivion‘ released through Hammer Down Records.

Featuring tempered drums and melodic riffs, the style is death metal with a progressive side along a core-ish genre.

A great album for old fans of Sepultura and Pro-Pain, the band from Vancouver, Canada, sure blasts.

This is their second album after a well received debut album, ‘Time Erodes‘; you can stream both their albums through Bandcamp.