Newminster’s No.400 Superior Navy Flake – A Comment


Today I’ve decided to tackle this fine flake, although, as I have mentioned before, I don’t enjoy Virginia tobacco as it should. Its grassy taste doesn’t reach my pleasure neurons as Dark-Fired or Burley does.

So I got this sample from the previous month order. Two flakes of No. 400 Superior Navy Flake from Newminster.

I usually enjoy Newminster’s tobaccos as I have in the past, with natural taste tobaccos, such as No.403 Superior Round Slices and No. 17 English Luxus (please don’t ask me to try aromatic tobaccos) and as usual they are fine-good tobaccos.

As for No. 400 Superior Navy Flake, having as usual, smoked a bowl before writing down some review, I did somewhat enjoyed the smoke but yet it’s still not my favourite to be in my rotation.

Smooth and woodsy, No. 400 Superior Navy Flake seems to be one of a kind after reading some reviews. If you like Virginia flakes I guess you’re going to love this one. For me, I ain’t there yet.

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Newminster’s No.403 Superior Round Slices – A Comment


These coins offer a grassy taste from the Virginia and a stronger stout taste from the Dark-Fired.

Overall it is a fantastic smoke where one who likes Virginia taste along some Dark-Fired Kentucky will find this smoke to be a win-win scenario in terms of natural tasting tobacco.

I usually enjoy this kind of tobacco in the evenings although for the moment I’m not the kind who fully appreciates Virginias on their own.

I recommend this tobacco to experienced pipers and Virginia lovers although if you are a beginner and looking for a natural tasting tobacco, this one serves well the curious.

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Newminster’s No.17 English Luxus – A Comment


I had ordered 8oz of this bulk blend over a year ago because in was on sale at and I was diving into more natural tasting tobaccos.

While I think that any English blend can be almost only distinctive by the quality of their leaves still the wide availability and diversity of such blend make each of them unique.

And Newminster’s English Luxus is such of a unique English blend. Fronting Burleys and Virginias with Orientals in the middle and the Black Cavendish in the background, with the overall Latakia, this blend pleases a lot making it an unforgettable blend to be reached out for more.

A classic English mixture developed from flue-cured African Virginias, black Cavendish, Mexican Burleys and Cyprus Latakia, Newminster’s blend No.17, English Luxus, is a non-aromatic, with a smoky taste that English smokers fancy.

If you’re looking for an English blend that is half full-bodied I suggest that Newminster’s No. 17 English Luxus be tried. It’s been over a year since I smoked some and I still do remember it.

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