Lane Limited’s 125th Anniversary – A Comment


Not a Virginia fan, I didn’t know how I would like the sample I was about to receive from this month.

But saved by a right amount of Perique, I properly enjoyed the blend. It started out as a majorly present taste of fine Virginia, which I prefer in cigarettes, but when the Perique kicked in, a great tasting smoky flavour enveloped the grassy Virginia delivering a well balanced taste and aroma which I really enjoyed and kept hoping for more in the end.

Although I consider the Virginia based blends for the more experienced smoker I encourage novices to try them, and hope, they will better like it than me.

In time for Lane’s 125th Anniversary comes this: Lane’s first Virginia/Perique blend. The combination is simple: red and bright Virginias, and a light dose of dark Louisiana Perique for extra spice and flavor.

Available in 1.75oz tins and bulk at

Lane Limited’s Medal of Valor – A Comment


If you’ve ever wanted a good English Blend that is less expensive than for say, Dunhill’s English blends, or are looking for a less “niched” English blend at a good price, then Lane Limited’s Medal of Valor is a great blend to invest into.

Less pungie than Dunhill’s 965 and better tasting than a stout English blend, Medal of Valor is sure to please the novice piper as also please the experienced one.

Its smoke is suave and fulfilling. The Orientals along with the Virginias and Burleys counter balance the Latakias and the added touch of Perique to create a well balanced smoking pleasure. The only thing missing from this blend is its own pungent aroma and it would be an awesome blend.

Taking it’s name from the highest award presented to Public Safety Officers in the United States, Medal of Valor, this Lane Limited blend combines a heavy presence of specially selected Latakia, accompanied by loose and cross cut Virginias, Burley, and hints of Oriental and Perique.

Available in 1.75 oz tins and in bulk at

Lane Limited’s Crown Achievement – A Comment


Smooth, creamy but stout. I don’t know if it was a last batch from the bulk crate but for me it was a stout English with some complex notes of Orientals and something else.

Yet, I enjoyed it. I will have to try the tin hoping it will be a better sample.

My guess is that this is recommended to experienced pipers. The Tobacco might be of high quality but yet it is very complex.

Some aging might be better for flavourful bowls.

This rare mixture is composed of the finest Latakia, Virginia, Perique, and Oriental tobaccos. Crown Achievement contained Perique in its original form, but this element was removed circa 2004. Lane has once again added Perique, as per the original recipe (tracked down by Leonard Wortzel) to faithfully recreate the storied Crown Achievement of old.

Available in 1.75oz tins and in bulk at

Lane Limited’s 1-Q – A Comment

005-006-0001One good aromatic pipe tobacco is Lane Limited’s 1-Q, which I smoked last year after reading lots of reviews online.

Usually a go-to tobacco for novices, 1-Q is a simple mild aromatic. After smoking a bowl of it I had liked it but was more inclined to another stronger aromatic, Sutliff’s Tobacco Galleria’s Night Cap.

Having sent almost 3/4ths of my 4oz bag to my uncle in Ontario I regretted a bit to have less of this good aromatic, but since then I’ve changed my tastes in tobacco, so I regret less now and hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.

1-Q is basically a Golden Cavendish blend from Lane but with a hint of Fire-Cured blended in provides scintillating taste and flavorful aroma.

Recommended to all novice pipers and still enjoyed by experienced ones, with its popularity, 1-Q is sure to be around for some decades to come.

Available in 1.75oz tins and in bulk at

Lane Limited’s HG-2000 – A Comment


Hoping to find a Burley blend, it ended up instead to be another aromatic.

As I have mentioned a priori, I’m not enjoying aromatics lately. My favourite for the moment seams to be a regular Mac Baren 7 Seas blend but I’m swimming into more natural tastes and ordering an aro is for the moment out of the question.

So why did I get this blend? First, as mentioned on the Website, this blend is considered to be in a Burley blend family, even though they mention it is a mild aromatic as in the following cited description:

Though a mild aromatic in terms of flavor, Lane’s HG-2000 is a Burley-based, toasted Cavendish blend containing a good dose of vitamin “N” nonetheless. Burns easy, and, as reviews have noted, free of bite.

I wouldn’t have ordered it If it would have been in the aromatics family. Still, I’m trying to get some compensation; we’ll see if they’ll be nice for their mistake.

I’m searching for a Burley blend that will be full nutty. I still have to try a few blends. I did try Sutliff’s Golden Extra, which I liked, but discontinued it (might be because of a dispute with Mac Baren holding a Golden Extra also). Mac Baren’s Symphony and Golden Extra are ready rubbed Burley flakes which I’ll try sooner or later.

Available in bulk at

Edit: refunded me and changed the family from Burley to Aromatic. Such nice people.