Dunhill’s Nightcap – A Comment


If you ever come across Sutliff’s Tobacco Galleria: Night Cap and wonder if it is a cheaper alternative to Dunhill’s Nightcap, don’t go any further: they’re completely different blends. Sutliff’s is a strong aromatic while Dunhill’s is an English blend.

If Dunhill’s Early Morning Pipe is a great blend to start the day, Nightcap is also a great blend to end it. Being a less spicy blend because of less Latakia, it contains Perique; adding a smoky aroma and flavour to the smoke.

As always I recommend Dunhill’s blends to the higher tobacco budgets, but novices are invited to try this fine blend as with all other Dunhill great blends.

A rich blend for late in the day, Dunhill’s Nightcap is a slow, lasting smoke. Just prior to packing, expensive Perique tobacco is added to enhance the bouquet.

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Dunhill’s Early Morning Pipe – A Comment


My go-to tobacco for my first of the day pipe is Sutliff’s 203 Heavy English, as it delivers a good Latakia kick to wake you up and prepare your tastebuds for the coming nice pipes until it’s time to go to bed again.

If you have a bigger tobacco budget than me, then Dunhill’s Early Morning Pipe should be your go-to pipe for first pipe of the day. And it would be for me if I had the wallet for it. But yet again 203 Heavy English is a good tobacco that I enjoy quite well.

If you enjoy Dunhill’s fine tobaccos, you probably already enjoy EMP. But else, I encourage you to try it along My Mixture 965 as they compliment each other as great tobaccos for all-morning and all-day smokes.

For Dunhill’s Early Morning Pipe, sweet Oriental is carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, then pressed and lightly stoved. It’s great as the first pipe of the day, waking the palate for the further pleasures of the day.

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Gawith Hoggarth & Co.’s Brown Twist Sliced And Happy (Brown) Bogie – A Comment


Awesome! If you’re like me and like Cuban maduro cigars, or I mean like a full-bodied one from elsewhere, you’ll love this tobacco. A mix of dark-fired and air cured Virginias; this stuff is matured to be smoked as soon you get it, or even better, aged for some more maturity as many suggest.

A strong aroma and taste, I wonder if it gets any better than this. My top tobacco used to be Peterson’s Irish Flake but this one is either as good or better.

Novices should once in a while try it but it is meant for experienced pipers. Expensive but awesome.

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Lane Limited’s 125th Anniversary – A Comment


Not a Virginia fan, I didn’t know how I would like the sample I was about to receive from SmokingPipes.com this month.

But saved by a right amount of Perique, I properly enjoyed the blend. It started out as a majorly present taste of fine Virginia, which I prefer in cigarettes, but when the Perique kicked in, a great tasting smoky flavour enveloped the grassy Virginia delivering a well balanced taste and aroma which I really enjoyed and kept hoping for more in the end.

Although I consider the Virginia based blends for the more experienced smoker I encourage novices to try them, and hope, they will better like it than me.

In time for Lane’s 125th Anniversary comes this: Lane’s first Virginia/Perique blend. The combination is simple: red and bright Virginias, and a light dose of dark Louisiana Perique for extra spice and flavor.

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Newminster’s No.400 Superior Navy Flake – A Comment


Today I’ve decided to tackle this fine flake, although, as I have mentioned before, I don’t enjoy Virginia tobacco as it should. Its grassy taste doesn’t reach my pleasure neurons as Dark-Fired or Burley does.

So I got this sample from the previous month order. Two flakes of No. 400 Superior Navy Flake from Newminster.

I usually enjoy Newminster’s tobaccos as I have in the past, with natural taste tobaccos, such as No.403 Superior Round Slices and No. 17 English Luxus (please don’t ask me to try aromatic tobaccos) and as usual they are fine-good tobaccos.

As for No. 400 Superior Navy Flake, having as usual, smoked a bowl before writing down some review, I did somewhat enjoyed the smoke but yet it’s still not my favourite to be in my rotation.

Smooth and woodsy, No. 400 Superior Navy Flake seems to be one of a kind after reading some reviews. If you like Virginia flakes I guess you’re going to love this one. For me, I ain’t there yet.

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Lane Limited’s Medal of Valor – A Comment


If you’ve ever wanted a good English Blend that is less expensive than for say, Dunhill’s English blends, or are looking for a less “niched” English blend at a good price, then Lane Limited’s Medal of Valor is a great blend to invest into.

Less pungie than Dunhill’s 965 and better tasting than a stout English blend, Medal of Valor is sure to please the novice piper as also please the experienced one.

Its smoke is suave and fulfilling. The Orientals along with the Virginias and Burleys counter balance the Latakias and the added touch of Perique to create a well balanced smoking pleasure. The only thing missing from this blend is its own pungent aroma and it would be an awesome blend.

Taking it’s name from the highest award presented to Public Safety Officers in the United States, Medal of Valor, this Lane Limited blend combines a heavy presence of specially selected Latakia, accompanied by loose and cross cut Virginias, Burley, and hints of Oriental and Perique.

Available in 1.75 oz tins and in bulk at SmokingPipes.com.

Newminster’s No.403 Superior Round Slices – A Comment


These coins offer a grassy taste from the Virginia and a stronger stout taste from the Dark-Fired.

Overall it is a fantastic smoke where one who likes Virginia taste along some Dark-Fired Kentucky will find this smoke to be a win-win scenario in terms of natural tasting tobacco.

I usually enjoy this kind of tobacco in the evenings although for the moment I’m not the kind who fully appreciates Virginias on their own.

I recommend this tobacco to experienced pipers and Virginia lovers although if you are a beginner and looking for a natural tasting tobacco, this one serves well the curious.

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