Lulu by Lou Reed & Metallica – A Thought

lulu-metallica-lou-reedLulu by Lou Reed & Metallica. Maybe the best album by Metallica. Maybe. A lot of people dislike it.

Why is it maybe their best album?

When we’ll all be senile, the generation X’s metal fans that is, we’ll all love it and say: “Boy we were wrong!”.

It’s an album for old metal heads – for old pappy metal; which we’ll end up being. An album we’ll all relate to when we’ll hit 60 years old and beyond; in 10, 20, 30 to 40 years from now or so.

Why is it maybe their best album?

Because they’ve put their heart doing it. Doing it for Lou and doing it for music. But they didn’t foresee the album result until it was finished. And maybe, maybe, they thought afterwards that it wasn’t their best album after all. Maybe. But in the future we’ll all keep going to see Metallica and keep buying their albums and then, only then, when they’ll be as old, as the Rolling Stones are now, will we be in gratitude for Lulu.

And we’ll miss Lou.

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Our New Robot Overlords

Robotics has quite evolved for the last fifty years, yet, there is still a huge amount of work needed before we see them taking care of ourselves as many Japanese efforts are put toward this objective.

And then there is Atlas from Boston Dynamics (owned by Alphabet) along his big and little robot friends. As you will see in the next video, there has been a good step taken towards equilibrium and I did get all emotional when I saw their creators kick them and try to fool them.

After all, Atlas doesn’t care if he is tricked, but one day he might be. And let’s not become barbarians with robots and respect them for what they are: Creatures.

Are Compact Cassettes Still Around? Yes, It Looks Like!

I still remember buying my first Death Metal cassette of Napalm Death – Utopia Banished. And I do remember spend evenings doing cassette remixes for what we were going to listen the next day at work. It was the early nineties.

Then came the CDs and it killed the cassette. I found this article this evening and I’m surprised that there is still a demand for analog compact cassettes.

Here’s a film from Bloomberg TV about the last Compact Cassette factory in the world. And you know what? They’re busier than ever. Their biggest issue is keeping these decades-old machines working.

(via RedShark Sound).

Heavy Video Resolutions Of Tomorrow

It pretty seems that 4K is now everywhere. On our phones and TVs. And we’re already talking about 8K. And how about 16K? All this is great, but there seems to be a rising problem with higher bitmap resolutions.

Although I’m not an expert in video, cinema or film, there is an eventual problem with computer processing and data networking with the higher demands of 8K and 16K. I have a fairly new computer, it ain’t a beast but it boasts a recent Intel i7 with 24GB of RAM and I’m having difficulties handling 4K. I know that computer processing is progressing but I’m asking myself what kind of CPU monsters we’re going to have in a few years to manipulate the eventual replacement of 4K, 8K that is, or what some experts are talking about on the Web.

Not long ago I stumbled across an article that opened up some perspective on the replacement of 4K. No it ain’t 8K. It is Vectorial Video. There is already a codec in production by the University of Bath. Here’s the two-ish year old preview of what their developped codec looked like then.

Some work must have been done to evolve on the subject but last I looked I couldn’t find much. Maybe some corporation took on the research.

To be followed…


Replacing France’s AZERTY Keyboard

Looks like France is looking into replacing its AZERTY Keyboard as it no longer seems to aid the French typpists as it asn’t been for a while.

There doesn’t seem to be a standard in the AZERTY Keyboard as there is with the QWERTY keyboard.

I for one use the Canadian Multilingual keyboard layout to write French. It might not be the ideal keyboard but it is compatible with the QWERTY keyboard as I use it also to write in English with the English US keyboard layout.

Although I have been intrigued by the DVORAK keyboard in the past, the BÉPO keyboard being an open-source alternative to the France’s AZERTY keyboard is also based on the DVORAK layout. It could be an interesting alternative for French-Canadians if ever rises the need to switch keyboard layouts for us also. To be followed.

(via The Verge)

Linux Mint To Develop Their Own Apps

Looks like Clem and his team are about to get busy. Starting with version 18.x, X-Apps as they call them for now, are going to be the base apps of Linux Mint Cinnamon, MATE and XFCE.

A lot of projects are doing their apps when they don’t find what they want. Distros like Manjaro, Solus, or elementary OS have their own applications, and it looks like Linux Mint is also going to join this crowd.

I’m not really hot about X-Apps for the moment. Let’s take for example Rhythmbox, which is not pre-bundled with Mint, it is one of my main applications. Now I don’t want to bash on Clem and its team but can they really offer a solid music player in 6 months? I don’t think so. And Banshee as a pre-bundled Mint music player is not one of the most pleasing apps to be used. Not that I don’t believe in their capabilities but if they want to build Apps for Mint, we’re expecting solid stuff for our own usage.

In my opinion Banshee shouldn’t be bundled with Mint as it is a lesser good app than Rhythmbox. And if I’m to be using Cinnamon as a Desktop Environment I would prefer to use the DE’s apps rather than having to do an extra jump for using another application. I like my OS simple to use.

And what Solus and Elementatry are doing is OK but their apps are a bit too simple for the moment. So should we expect Mint’s X-Apps to be too simple in their beginning? I’m afraid they will and it will break the nicely feel Mint has had for the last 4-5 years.

Don’t break my Mint!

Linux Mint 18 codenamed “Sarah” sould be out around June 2016.

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