Gates of Muspel – Karmanjaka

Released last February 11th, 2022–via Grind to Death Records, is Karmanjaka and their 3rd full-length album: Gates of Muspel.

The album follows their latest EP Hugin released in 2021.

Gates of Muspel is an album that is between Melodeath and Progressive Death Metal, although it is Death Metal.

I need to consider the fact that Karmanjaka started as a one-man-band (which I always admire) in 2016 but evolved rapidly into five mate band soon after.

Cool and interesting album. Karmanjaka needs more attention.


The Rise Of Evil​:​Killer Instinct – Rimfrost

The Swedish band Rimfrost are back, returning with a 2-piece single, The Rise Of Evil​ : ​Killer Instinct released independently January 6th 2022.

After the splitting of the band in 2019, they came back to the studio in 2021 to record Killer Instinct (released in 2021) and these two songs which in all follows the theme of their previous album Expedition : Darkness released in 2019.

The songs are reminiscent of Scandinivian Blackened Heavy Metal.


Hyperakusi by Resonance Cascade/Järnbörd (Split) – A Comment

sleeve RÄTT.indd

Out today, Friday February 24th 2017, is the split Hyperakusi by Resonance Cascade & Järnbörd via Wooaaargh/Downfall Records.

Two grindcore acts from Sweden, Resonance Cascade and Järnbörd have joined their forces to release a really cool album that messes hair up.

While Resonance Cascade performs a classic grind sound, Järnbörd offers us a more grind punk sound that delivers.

Highly recommended, Hyperakusi, which means”hypersensitivity to everyday sounds“, is available on Bandcamp.



Reign by Sons Ov Omega – A Comment


Released last February 18th 2017, was Reign by Sons Ov Omega via Black Lion Records.

A melodic death metal band from Sweden, Sons Ov Omega features Invictuz on the vocals from Wormlight, a welcomed band that share the same label.

Featuring well planed songs for the last 5 years since their inception, Sons Ov Omega hit the studio in 2015 to start give birth to Reign where, not only do they achieve a well produced album, but also makes us beg for more of this well written record.

Revolving around the themes of death and annihilation, the vein of the album is coherent with bands such as Edge Of Sanity and some Enslaved.

Highly recommended to your playlist, you can find Reign by Sons Ov Omega on Bandcamp.



Wilt by Mordbrand – A Comment


Out tomorrow, Friday February 24th 2017, is Wilt by Mordbrand via Carnal Records.

A Swedish death metal band on their second full-length album, Wilt is Mordbrand‘s most mature album where, after many splits, some EPs and a previous first full-length album released in 2014, Mordbrand presents us a very well produced album with highly polished songs.

A very good album to have in your playlist, lets hope they put the album on Bandcamp and Spotify very soon.


‘Time To Destroy’ by Stormdeath – A Comment


Out last December 9th 2016, was ‘Time To Destroy‘ by Stormdeath via Witches Brew label.

A thrash metal act from Sweden, Stormdeath unleashes their first full-length album, ‘Time To Destroy‘, after two EPs and a few gigs.

As an old-school thrash metal band, Stormdeath delivers a good album that is sure to please the fans of such sound.

Recommended to thrash metal fans looking for some good old-school northern thrash style. Available on Bandcamp.



“Death’s Withered Chants” by Nazghor – A Comment


Out last April 15th 2016, was “Death’s Withered Chants” by Nazghor via Satanath Records and Obscure Abhorrence Productions.

A black metal act from Sweden, Nazghor is the order below the government of Tartaros and it is the legion of Satan Soldiers of the throne of darkness.

Besides that, they are a quintet of cool dudes who do great black metal and “Death’s Withered Chants” is their fifth full-length album. The production is good and they play with melody and powerful vocals.

For fans of black metal in the veins of Watain and Dissection, “Death’s Withered Chants” by Nazghor is available on Bandcamp.