Revenge At All Costs – Confess

After 18 months of imprisonment in Iran for being bullheaded metal artists, Confess seeked asylum in Norway and are back with a new album Solid-As-F*ck : Revenge At All Costs released today, January 21st 2022!

Reminiscent of late 90s metal aka, Slipnot, Sepultura, Pantera and Machine Head, the album is loaded with heavy grooves and sustained shredding.

Enjoy !

‘Frå Døden Fødes Liv’ by Uburen – A Comment


Out last October 31st 2016, was released ‘Frå Døden Fødes Liv‘ by Uburen through Via Nocturna Records.

A pure black metal act, Uburen from Norway sets the world on fire with ‘Frå Døden Fødes Liv‘ and, for the truest black metal fan, they integrate Viking melodies into their second full-length album.

The truest fans of black metal can feel themselves at home with this album.

Not for the faint of heart. Available on Bandcamp.