Via by Derhead – A Comment


Out tomorrow Friday January 6th 2017 is Via by Derhead through the label Via Nocturna.

An Italian black metal band, they are launching their first EP with some bonus tracks, previous demos launched in 2003 and 2013.

The Via EP is well produced and the songs are well written, giving us fresh black metal as the songs are original compared to some other formations.

If you’re a fan of black metal and is looking for some new material, Via by Derhead is highly recommended. Available on Bandcamp to stream before buying.

‘What Will Become Of Us?’ by Golden Rusk – A Comment


Out today, December 1st 2016, is Golden Rusk‘s self-release ‘What Will Become Of Us?‘.

An Italian one-man project, one third thrash, one third death and one third industrial, Maher delivers a complete album that he achieves with precision and majesty.

A semi-complex album, the songs are for trained ears and not for the faint of heart. An interesting album if you like distopian themes and is looking for new metal. Contemporary and jetsy, ‘What Will Become Of Us?‘ of Golden Rusk is a must to listen as the solo project is well produced.


Exta Malorvm by Nebrus – A Comment

Digipak 6P 1CD

Out today, Friday November 4th 2016, is ‘Exta Malorvm‘ by Nebrus via Razed Soul Productions.

A doomish black metal band from Italy, Nebrus is in fact a duo of Mortifero, which does most of the instrumental side of the tracks, and Noctuaria doing the vocals.

Exta Malorvm is Nebrus‘ second full-length album, the first one released in 2012 with good criticts.

Although in the veins of DSBM, Exta Malorvm is somewhat a good album with good vibes and dark themes. For fans of black metal, you can find Exta Malorvm by Nebrus on Bandcamp.


Ancient Furies by Acheronte – A Comment

Acheronte New Album, Ancient Furies 2

New Black Metal album from Italy, Ancient Furies by Acheronte.

Now there’s good black metal and lesser good black metal, and then there’s hardcore black metal fans which… well, they like black metal.

So for ALL fans of black metal, I decided to comment a bit on this album here.

An album presenting their latest drummer who does a good job holding the beats, Acheronte is releasing their first Full-Lenght album today (June 13th, 2016). Although a relatively common black metal album, in my own opinion, the sound could be a bit better. But it is still delivering what the mean black metal fan enjoys.

So for you fans, here’s Acheronte’s BLOOD FOR THE GODS (AHUITZOTL):


The Canticle Of Shadows By Darkend – A Comment

darkend album

Here’s a band in the same line as Dimmu Borgir for the fans of the latest as I am.

A Black Metal formation from Italy featuring talents from revered previous bands such as  Attila Csihar (MAYHEM), Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and Labes C. Necrothytus (Abysmal Grief); these artists put their efforts into a single great album sure to please fans of symphonic/melodic black metal.

Expect pretty much the same musicality as Dimmu Borgir style yet without the revered Galder musicianship.

Here’s a video to sharpen the ears; On The Defunct by Darkend:

Album coming out April 25th, 2016.

PRE-ORDER CD:!/Darkend-The-Canticle-Of-Shadows-Limited-Digipack-Pre-order/p/62720066/category=5291899