Spit The Blood (Eponymous) – A Comment


Out last May 22nd 2016 was Spit The Blood‘s eponymous album via Symbol Of Domination.

A thrash metal act from Athens, Greece, Spit The Blood delivers their first full length album which shows them as a promising band.

Reminiscent of some old Anthrax and late 80s thrash bands, expect some good old thrashing beats and groovy tunes.

Available on Bandcamp.


BUY: https://spittheblood.bandcamp.com/releases
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/Spit-The-Blood-435083173234574/
WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/user/spittheblood

‘Nocturnal Hymns To The Fallen’ by Demonic Obedience – A Comment


Out last May 18th 2016 was ‘Nocturnal Hymns To The Fallen‘ by Demonic Obedience via Satanath Records and Sevared Records.

A death metal one-man project of George Ntavelas, ‘Nocturnal Hymns To The Fallen‘ by Demonic Obedience is a really cool album in its brutal guttural form where everything is blasted away in a well produced manner.

Yet, not one of those albums that lack in quality, it limits the artist to perform on stage as the musicianship should be seen rather than only listened. A really good death metal album in its whole.

To be in your playlist, you can find ‘Nocturnal Hymns To The Fallen‘ by Demonic Obedience on bandcamp.


LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/demonicobedience
BUY: https://demonicobedience.bandcamp.com/album/nocturnal-hymns-to-the-fallen

Extinction EP by Burial Hordes – A Comment


Out today Friday October 28th 2016 is Burial HordesExtinction EP via Folter Records.

A deathened black metal band from Greece, Burial Hordes is one of those bands that, since their formation in 2001, has kept themselves busy with concerts and recordings and the Extinction EP is just another way of them showing that they’ll keep our ears bleeding once more.

Doomish one moment and blasting drums the other, the vocals are guttural and the guitars are shredding “à la black” all along.

You can find Extinction EP by Burial Hordes on Bancamp along their three full-length albums.

BUY: https://burialhordes.bandcamp.com/
LABEL: http://www.folter666.de/

‘Cut Her Head And Love Her’ by EDxKEMPER – A Comment

051_1Out last March 13th 2016 was ‘Cut Her Head And Love Her‘ EP by EDxKEMPER via Symbol of Domination Productions.

A 10-tracks EP in under 8 minutes, the songs are hot and grindy. Like a hot potato, they shred the tunes blazingly fast and pass them one-by-one until it ends and you beg for more. The album and band concept is lyrically based on the serial killer Edmund Kemper.

Another cool fact is that the album has been mastered by Dan Swano. The ‘Cut Her Head And Love Her‘ EP is well produced and literally too short. Another sweet gem to have in your playlist. And guess what, the album is free on Bandcamp but nothing is preventing you to buy a physical copy to encourage the band.




‘Mankind Is Damned’ by Saboter – A Comment

coverOut last July 6th 2016, was Saboter‘s first full-length album ‘Mankind Is Damned‘ via Witches Brew label.

Excelling in the style of 80’s heavy metal in the likes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, if you’re a fan of those and are looking for modern bands in these styles, Saboter is one of the bands you need to listen to.

Very heavy metal-ish with vocals ‘à la’ Dickenson and Halford, along with riffs shredding heavy metal like we used to listen to (am I getting old?), you need to listen to the following Bandcamp streaming widget to get a feel of what I’m talking about and get immersed back in 1987 and bang your head with the devil’s sign and fist in the air. I am getting old…


LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/saboterGR

Oi Magoi By Hail Spirit Noir – A Comment


Once in a while there’s an album that comes out and you’ll listen to it the first time and some melody rings in your ears telling you: “Oh boy, I think I have found a good one”. And it happened to me with Hail Spirit Noir’s album “Oi Magoi” which came out in 2014.

Its genre is defined as progressive black metal, but I prefer to name the genre to Progressive Black Rock. Now, I haven’t crossed many other bands that can play this style of music except last year’s Tribulation’s “The Children of the Night“. My bad? No, unluck.

After all, I’m pretty much on my own with some limited channels for accessing music and iTunes, while being a somewhat mainstream channel, is still unavailable on Linux/Ubuntu.

They deliver 7 songs out of which 5 are of genius composition. Here’s The Mermaid which I can’t stop to whistle lately.

Like: https://www.facebook.com/Hail-Spirit-Noir-260062670728238/
Listen: https://hsn666.bandcamp.com/album/oi-magoi
Buy: https://www.amazon.ca/Oi-Magoi-Hail-Spirit-Noir/dp/B00GTSVN5S