Allgegenwärtig by Streams of Blood – A Comment


Out today, Saturday February 25th 2017, is Allgegenwärtig by Streams of Blood via Folter Records.

A black metal duo from Germany, Streams of Blood released their third full-length album, Allgegenwärtig, which is a dark album in the veins of old school Norwegian black metal but with a good production.

For the purest fans of black metal, Allgegenwärtig by Streams of Blood is an album that has the potential of becoming a classic as the riffs are catchy, the drums tight and steady and the vocals classic to black metal.

In the veins of Immortal, you can for the moment stream the previous albums of Streams of Blood while we wait for Allgegenwärtig to be online.


‘Morbid Creation’ by Inquiring Blood – A Comment


Out last December 16th 2016, was ‘Morbid Creation‘ by Inquiring Blood via Kernkraftritter Records.

A death metal act from Hannover, Germany, Inquiring Blood released their second full-length album, ‘Morbid Creation‘, which is in its own, a well produced album.

Having opened for many high profile bands such as Aborted, Kataklysm and Behemoth, they have lots of gigs under their belt since their inception in 2004.

Although not available on Bandcamp, you can find the album on the Kernkraftritter Records Website. Recommended to fans of death metal in general.


‘No Restraint’ by Tragic Cause – A Comment


Out lately was ‘No Restraint‘ by Tragic Cause via Human To Dust Records.

A death thrash metal act from Germany, Tragic Cause are back with a third full-length album, powerful as never before.

With low distorted guitars and a groovy drum, you can expect ‘No Restraint‘ to be as heavy as Pantera, Slayer, Crowbar and Pro-Pain, where the vocals are similar to the both latter.

Recommended to fans of heavy thrash/groovy metal. If you’re looking for something new, look into Tragic Cause. Available on Spotify.


‘Reign of Terror’ by Acranius – A Comment


Out tomorrow, Friday January 27th 2017, is ‘Reign of Terror‘ by Acranius via Rising Nemesis Records.

A brutal slamming death metal act from Rostock, Germany, Acranius produced this third full-length album and, as such brutal death metal bands, they really get us slammin’ and get hungry for more.

As for slam, I don’t know what is the secret of this musical recipe, but I generally love the style and never tire of it.

Well produced, ‘Reign of Terror‘ by Acranius is what you need in your next playlist. Available on Bandcamp and Spotify.



‘Herzblut’ by Projekt Mensch – A Comment


Released today, Friday December 9th 2016, is ‘Herzblut‘ by Projekt Mensch via Kernkraftritter Records.

An industrial Neue Metal album from Germany, Projekt Mensch is essentially the work of Deutscher W and ‘Herzblut‘ is a collaboration with OHL and Der Fluch where they achieve to produce a solid album that might be in the likeness of Rammstein fans.

A well realized album, the songs are sang in German.


Hellmouth by Science Of Sleep – A Comment


Out yesterday, November 25th 2016, was Hellmouth by Science of Sleep via Bastardized Recordings.

Science Of Sleep has put down a serious second full-length album, after three years of touring, which is a mix of death metal and deathcore.

Brutal in all its sense, Hellmouth reaches to extremes to vehiculate Science Of Sleep‘s lyric themes, which are about the dark human nature and hell mythologies.

You can find Science of Sleep‘s albums on Bandcamp.



‘Without Voices’ by Negative Symbols – A Comment


If instrumental black metal is in your range of interest, there’s Negative Symbols‘ ‘Without Voices‘ album out this year which is well produced and offers an interesting side to black metal which isn’t common in the field.

A project by Benedikt Willnecker, former bassist of the band Der Weg einer Freiheit and Ära Krâ, where without limitations he puts down his songwriting talent to present us ‘Without Voices‘ which is an album that is as ambient and melodic as aggressive and melancholic.

For fans of CULT OF LUNA, DEAFHEAVEN or old OPETH, even if your into death metal you should like the ‘Without Voices‘ album by Negative Symbols.

You can find the album through the band’s Facebook page.