Hanter Savet by Vindland – A Comment


Available on CD is Vindland’s latest: Hanter Savet.

Black/Viking metal from France in its good way, Vindland offers us an album with catchy riffs and melodic songs.

They received some important praises around the globe from the Web and, no questions about it, they are to get some more until next album.

The formation is made up of four members from France; although they do not sing in French, but in Breton, an old language from Brittany.

ORDER: http://vindlandblacklion.bandcamp.com/album/hanter-savet
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/vindlandBZH

Replacing France’s AZERTY Keyboard

Looks like France is looking into replacing its AZERTY Keyboard as it no longer seems to aid the French typpists as it asn’t been for a while.

There doesn’t seem to be a standard in the AZERTY Keyboard as there is with the QWERTY keyboard.

I for one use the Canadian Multilingual keyboard layout to write French. It might not be the ideal keyboard but it is compatible with the QWERTY keyboard as I use it also to write in English with the English US keyboard layout.

Although I have been intrigued by the DVORAK keyboard in the past, the BÉPO keyboard being an open-source alternative to the France’s AZERTY keyboard is also based on the DVORAK layout. It could be an interesting alternative for French-Canadians if ever rises the need to switch keyboard layouts for us also. To be followed.

(via The Verge)