Sentence – Beyond The Styx

Ultra F*ck!

Machine Head meets Ringworm… Ultra F*ck!

Beyond The Styx with Sentence, releasing this February 4th 2022 via WTF Records and Diorama Records.

The album delivers fully. It’s 2022 stuff. Like refreshing after two sh*tty years predicted by Cattle Decapitation and Bring Back The Plague from their 2019th Death Atlas release…

It’s refreshing as F*CK!

Enjoy it! Better is coming!

The Dregs of Hades – Lock Up

Lock Up is back again with The Dregs of Hades – a really hot album that came out last November 26th, 2021.

I had really loved the previous release, Demonization, where we were cuddled with the sweet vocals of Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth), a really nice touch to the great riffs of the album – and guess what? He is back on this delicious new release with (fanfares!) Thomas Lindberg (At The Gates) co-sharing the lyric’s with Kevin.

Add Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer) and not to mention Anton Reisenegger (Criminal); we have an All Star Death Metal Band !

Dig it & Enjoy!

Kepler by Aksaya – A Comment

Out last December 15th 2016, was Kepler by Aksaya via Satanath Records.

A black metal act from France, Aksaya delivers a technically themed album, sung in French, where the production is all good and where the album is filled with distortion and vibrant beats all across the tracks.

Formed in 2013, Kepler is their second full-length album and I’m sure the album will know success as it is melodic and exotic at the same time.

For those looking new sounding black metal and original melodies, the album, Kepler by Aksaya, is available on Bandcamp.



‘The Rest Is Silence’ by The Von Deer Skulls – A Comment


Released today on Halloween, Monday October 31st 2016, is ‘The Rest Is Silence‘ by The Von Deer Skulls via Wraith Productions.

An excellent psych-prog metal band from 3 parts of the world – France, Germany and Canada – The Von Deer Skulls propulsive music sends us into a world of real fantasy and simili-chaos where we’re not shred into pieces but are flight-sick and at peace.

A delightful of diverse sounds where one is invited to drunkenness and ecstasy; like a good wine which we know we must not drink too much – but is so good.

To have in your playlist – absolutely.


‘The Well Of Stars’ by Onirism – A Comment

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Out July 15th 2016 was Onirism‘s ‘The Well Of The Stars‘ EP, a symphonic black metal album from the one French man project of Antoine Guibert.

Really well produced and really well written, we’re plunged into an enchanted world of fantasy where aggressiveness once in a while pops out and moves us in an epic exchange of mindset.

A Final Fantasy-esque voyage where we long for exploration and encounters with enchantment and wilderness.

Be transported by the following Bandcamp streaming widget and buy, as Antoine is a man of great talent.