Lost Elegies – Primalfrost

Cold as ice Primalfrost from the man-band Dean Paul Arnold (touring guitarist Belphegor, Operus, ex-Vital Remains) was released last Dec 28th, 2021 – Lost Elegies; a poignant metal epic in the realms of folklorish metal and melodic Scandinavian metal.

I’m nearly fond of this kind of music nearing Amorphis and Scandinavian metal. But still, I enjoyed listening the album the multiple times it took to lay this post.



Released last November 26th, 2021: La noyade de la sorcière by RvbberVvitch; a Canadian rhythmic-melodic black matelasque piece that intrigues the most respected aficionados of the genre and lets the imagination-creeps sink in… Enjoy!

‘The Forever Lie’ by All Else Fails – A Comment


Out this Friday, February 17th 2017, is ‘The Forever Lie‘ by All Else Fails via Suicidal Bride Records.

A heavy metal/hardcore act from Edmonton, Canada, All Else Fails delivers another powerful album with ‘The Forever Lie‘ which translates to the ever calling American Dream, and All Else Fails sings and screams it with tight beats and great distortion.

Although I prefer to present here non-clean singing bands, All Else Fails shares their tunes in between melodic vocals and heavy throat screaming which, along with the heavy music, makes a combination of great musicianship; and the album must be praised for what it is and is to be highlighted for its awesomeness. A must to have in your playlist if you’re not a hardliner on extreme metal and enjoy some clean vocals.

Available on Bandcamp.


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BUY: https://allelsefails.bandcamp.com/

‘Promised Land’ by Valfreya – A Comment


Out last January 13th 2017, was self-released ‘Promised Land‘ by Valfreya.

A viking/folk/epic death metal band from Montreal, Canada, Valfreya delivers a powerful album that is sure to embark you into the journey of Eric The Red along the coasts of America and make the discoveries with him.

Well produced and written with talent, Valfreya has released a really interesting album that, in my opinion, might please death metal fans, more than some bands in the folk/pagan metal style, where some times volktroll is more present and aggressiveness less put up front. With Valfreya you have blast beats and guttural vocals along the chants of the lovely female bandmate (which I can’t identify by her name… sorry).

So, you’re looking into epic metal but is still into the death realm, try ‘Promised Land‘ by Valfreya. Available on Bandcamp and major retailers.


VISIT: http://www.valfreyaofficial.com/
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/Valfreya.Metal/
WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/user/ValfreyaMetal
BUY: https://valfreya.bandcamp.com/ AND https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/promised-land/id1200001375

‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’ by Tyrants Blood – A Comment


Out last December 23rd 2016 was the re-issue of ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves‘ by Tyrants Blood via Tridroid Records.

The album is reissued in vinyl format with a digital download of the Coven album.

A death/extreme speed metal act from Vancouver, Canada, Tyrants Blood is well known for its aggressiveness and this reissue is a good example of the band’s output.

Founded in 2005, Tyrants Blood didn’t sleep on their laurels, releasing their first full-length album in 2006 and dropping down shows in Western Canada, Europe and South America all along. ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves‘ is Tyrants Blood third full-length album and we should expect another output from them soon, if they follow their release cycle.

You can order the vinyl on Bandcamp.


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BUY: https://tridroid.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-kingdom-of-graves-special-edition

Asunder by Samskaras – A Comment


Out today, Friday January 20th 2017, is self-released Asunder EP by Samskaras.

A death metal act from Montreal, Canada, Samskaras is a project of Eric Burnet (DerelictUnburnt) with the joint collaboration of Alexandre Dupras, known for his work with Teramobil and Unhuman.

A tour-de-force is this EP, where the musicianship of the two members delivers a very powerful EP and where the tunes are technically played, leaving us begging for more. Let’s hope for a full length album very soon. Highly recommended.

If you’re seeking for something new, seek out Asunder by Samskaras. Visit their Bandcamp page for Asunder and previous releases of Samskaras and the new EP.


LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/SamskarasMetal/
BUY: https://samskarasmetal.bandcamp.com/