Phantasmagoria by The Mist – A Comment


Out today February 3rd 2017 is the re-issue of Phantasmagoria by The Mist via Greyhaze Records.

Originally released in 1989, Phantasmagoria was the kind of album that had all the potential of propulsion for a band like The Mist to gain worldwide recognition, but didn’t get it for its unluck and mistreatment.

The album got its way as a thrash metal collectors item but it is now made newly available in North America and Europe as in CD and vinyl format, thankfully via Greyhaze Records.

A thrash metal act from Brazil, The Mist is a real gem to find out and any fans of thrash metal will surely pound themselves for not previously having known The Mist. Although The Mist is now a split-up band you can enjoy Phantasmagoria as an alternative to their comrades, Sepultura.

Available through Greyhaze Records Website. Lets hope they make it available on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Seven Inches Of Hell by Whipstriker – A Comment


If you’re into Punk/Speed/Trash Metal there’s the compilation of Whipstriker, ‘Seven Inches Of Hell‘, a double LP that is available from Folter Records right now.

26 songs from various 7″ EPs launched between 2010 and 2014 that are sure to make your head bang. Whipstriker is a band from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and they are quite productive as you can see on their Bandcamp page

If you’re into some dirty punk rock/metal Whipstriker is the band you need to listen to.

Here’s some streaming to make you look for Whipstriker‘s ‘Seven Inches Of Hell‘ double LP from Folter Records; a great compilation to have in your collection.