‘In Dearth Of’ by Death By Fungi – A Comment


Out last May 7th 2016, was self-released ‘In Dearth Of‘ EP by Death By Fungi.

A fun thrash/punk metal album with some powerful songs, although a shorty, it is an interesting album to have in your playlist.

Death By Fungi is a band from Mumbai, India, since 2013 and they deliver interesting riffs to the style. A song to not miss is ‘Pathfinder‘ as it is a really good one to listen to.

They are available on Bandcamp, as usual, be generous and buy.


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‘The Eyes of the Soulless’ by Krepitus – A Comment


Out today, Friday November 25th 2016, is the self-released ‘The Eyes of the Soulless‘ by Krepitus.

A death/thrash metal act from Calgary, Canada, Krepitus shreds ‘The Eyes of the Soulless‘ powerfully with fierce devotion and angry attitude.

The Eyes of the Soulless‘ is Krepitus‘ debut album which is well produced and the songs are really well written.

A great album with good distortion and great vocals to have in your playlist and which is available on Bandcamp.


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‘Abismal Speed Metal’ by Culto Negro – A Comment


Last October 15th 2016 was released ‘Abismal Speed Metal‘ EP by Culto Negro via Symbol Of Domination Productions and Spiritismo Rekords.

A blackened thrash metal band from Costa Rica, Abismal Speed Metal‘ EP by Culto Negro has speedy tunes to rock your evenings.

Inspired by hatred to everything of the establishment, the spanish lyrics are fit with the aggressive tracks of this album.

Be ready to unleash mayhem! Available on Bandcamp.


BUY: https://cultonegro.bandcamp.com/
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‘Into The Nebula’ by Distant Sun – A Comment


Out this Friday November 18th 2016 is Distant Sun‘s ‘Into the Nebula‘ via Metalism Records.

A Russian band that must have done some Megadeth covers in the past, and if it hasn’t, it should have – If you’re into Megadeth’s thrashy sound you’ll be at home with Distant Sun.

With a voice like Dave Mustaine, Alexey Markov of Distant Sun plunges us, with his band mates, into a style that resembles a lot to Megadeth.

I kind of enjoy the album as Mustaine is one of my idols. So what else from Distant Sun? Well the songs are cool and catchy and if your into old school thrash and a fan of Megadeth, you’ll find joy listening to ‘Into The Nebula‘ album by Distant Sun. Available on Bandcamp.


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Dead Conspiracy (Eponymous) – A Comment


Out today November 15th 2016 is self-released the Dead Conspiracy eponymous album, a death/thrash metal album sure to please more than one.

Basically a thrash metal sound with a lot of death metal in its blood, Dead Conspiracy is offering us a powerful album that is sure to shake the grounds.

Apparently of an old school formation, Dead Conspiracy was formed in 1986 until quietly go into sleep in the beginning of 90’s.

They are back powerful than ever and the album is freaking awesome. If you’re into death thrash, the album is for you. Available on Bandcamp.


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PrisonEgo by Granada – A Comment


Out last April 29th 2016 was PrisonEgo by Granada via Symbols of Domination Productions and Narcoleptica Productions.

A thrash metal album from Argentina, Granada‘s 4th release and 3rd full-length album is well produced and aggressive in its musical sense.

An interesting album in Spanish for the new wave of thrash metal on your playlist.


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‘On The Verge Of Dysfunction’ by Speedwhore – A Comment


Out, last October 28th 2016, was released ‘On The Verge Of Dysfunction‘ EP by Speedwhore via the Witches Brew label.

A blackened trash metal band from Germany, they have a full-length album up their sleeve released last year, and they now release this EP to update our ears and, with a good production, they manage to flourish the thrash scene with their own style.

With their blackish vocals and thrashy riffs and drums, ‘On The Verge Of Dysfunction‘ by Speedwhore is a refreshing album which is sure to please old-school and new thrash metal fans. Available on Bandcamp.

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