Revenge At All Costs – Confess

After 18 months of imprisonment in Iran for being bullheaded metal artists, Confess seeked asylum in Norway and are back with a new album Solid-As-F*ck : Revenge At All Costs released today, January 21st 2022!

Reminiscent of late 90s metal aka, Slipnot, Sepultura, Pantera and Machine Head, the album is loaded with heavy grooves and sustained shredding.

Enjoy !

‘Time To Destroy’ by Stormdeath – A Comment


Out last December 9th 2016, was ‘Time To Destroy‘ by Stormdeath via Witches Brew label.

A thrash metal act from Sweden, Stormdeath unleashes their first full-length album, ‘Time To Destroy‘, after two EPs and a few gigs.

As an old-school thrash metal band, Stormdeath delivers a good album that is sure to please the fans of such sound.

Recommended to thrash metal fans looking for some good old-school northern thrash style. Available on Bandcamp.



Phantasmagoria by The Mist – A Comment


Out today February 3rd 2017 is the re-issue of Phantasmagoria by The Mist via Greyhaze Records.

Originally released in 1989, Phantasmagoria was the kind of album that had all the potential of propulsion for a band like The Mist to gain worldwide recognition, but didn’t get it for its unluck and mistreatment.

The album got its way as a thrash metal collectors item but it is now made newly available in North America and Europe as in CD and vinyl format, thankfully via Greyhaze Records.

A thrash metal act from Brazil, The Mist is a real gem to find out and any fans of thrash metal will surely pound themselves for not previously having known The Mist. Although The Mist is now a split-up band you can enjoy Phantasmagoria as an alternative to their comrades, Sepultura.

Available through Greyhaze Records Website. Lets hope they make it available on Bandcamp and Spotify.


‘No Restraint’ by Tragic Cause – A Comment


Out lately was ‘No Restraint‘ by Tragic Cause via Human To Dust Records.

A death thrash metal act from Germany, Tragic Cause are back with a third full-length album, powerful as never before.

With low distorted guitars and a groovy drum, you can expect ‘No Restraint‘ to be as heavy as Pantera, Slayer, Crowbar and Pro-Pain, where the vocals are similar to the both latter.

Recommended to fans of heavy thrash/groovy metal. If you’re looking for something new, look into Tragic Cause. Available on Spotify.


‘Banging on the Pentagram’ by Evil Force – A Comment


Out last December 24th 2016 was ‘Banging on the Pentagram‘ by Evil Force via the Witches Brew label.

A thrash/speed metal act from Asuncion, Paraguay, Evil Force was founded in 2005 with acoustic guitars and book covers and a bed mattress as the drums. Things got eventually more serious and a decade and two full-length releases later, they got signed with Witches Brew label and a few months later ‘Banging on the Pentagram‘ was released.

Evil Force delivers an 80s old-school thrash/speed metal style that can be obscured by the other bands of the same style, but what catches our attention with Evil Force, is their talent to write the style with melody and good tempo. The riffs are catchy and the production delivers for the format.

Recommended if your into old-school thrash/speed metal. Available on Bandcamp.



Spit The Blood (Eponymous) – A Comment


Out last May 22nd 2016 was Spit The Blood‘s eponymous album via Symbol Of Domination.

A thrash metal act from Athens, Greece, Spit The Blood delivers their first full length album which shows them as a promising band.

Reminiscent of some old Anthrax and late 80s thrash bands, expect some good old thrashing beats and groovy tunes.

Available on Bandcamp.



‘What Will Become Of Us?’ by Golden Rusk – A Comment


Out today, December 1st 2016, is Golden Rusk‘s self-release ‘What Will Become Of Us?‘.

An Italian one-man project, one third thrash, one third death and one third industrial, Maher delivers a complete album that he achieves with precision and majesty.

A semi-complex album, the songs are for trained ears and not for the faint of heart. An interesting album if you like distopian themes and is looking for new metal. Contemporary and jetsy, ‘What Will Become Of Us?‘ of Golden Rusk is a must to listen as the solo project is well produced.