‘Nothing To Lose’ by Battalions – A Comment


Out today Monday February 27th 2017, is the reissue of ‘Nothing to Lose‘ by Battalions via Black Bow Records.

An album released originally in 2016, ‘Nothing to Lose‘ by Battalions is an album that solidly rocks.

A sludge act from Great Britain,’Nothing to Lose‘ by Battalions is their first full-length album, and from my understanding, they are on the verge or releasing something this year.

So while waiting for their next release, relax and have a pounding rock’n’roll in your face with ‘Nothing to Lose‘ by Battalions. Available on Bandcamp.


LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/BattalionsSludge
BUY: https://battalionsdirt.bandcamp.com/

‘Identity Shapes’ by Deadwound – A Comment


Out this Friday, February 17th 2017, is ‘Identity Shapes‘ EP by Deadwound via Black Bow Records.

A hardcore/sludge quintet from South West London, UK, Deadwound delivers a powerful EP that is in between doom stock and stoner metal but definitely in the veins of rocker sludge.

A heavy packed five piece EP, ‘Identity Shapes‘ by Deadwound is a great album if you’re looking for something new, with low guitars and harsh vocals.

The production really good for the kind of music, lets hope we see a Bandcamp page soon.

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/deadwoundband/

Twingiant/Into the Storm, Cassette Split – A Comment


Out this Friday January 20th 2017, is a split cassettes by Twingiant and Into The Storm via Tridroid Records.

Two roaded sludge/stoner/heavy rock bands, releasing a common intro cassette for the masses; both bands share with us a pinch of their talent so that we discover their talent, and talent they have.

A nice intro into their music, discover both bands and surf their pages on Bandcamp as their albums are available for streaming.


BUY Twingiant: https://twingiant.bandcamp.com/
BUY Into The Storm: https://intothestorm.bandcamp.com/