‘The Rest Is Silence’ by The Von Deer Skulls – A Comment


Released today on Halloween, Monday October 31st 2016, is ‘The Rest Is Silence‘ by The Von Deer Skulls via Wraith Productions.

An excellent psych-prog metal band from 3 parts of the world – France, Germany and Canada – The Von Deer Skulls propulsive music sends us into a world of real fantasy and simili-chaos where we’re not shred into pieces but are flight-sick and at peace.

A delightful of diverse sounds where one is invited to drunkenness and ecstasy; like a good wine which we know we must not drink too much – but is so good.

To have in your playlist – absolutely.

BUY: https://thevondeerskulls.bandcamp.com/album/the-rest-is-silence
VISIT: http://www.thevondeerskulls.com/
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/TheVonDeerSkulls/
LABEL: http://www.wraithproductions.net/

Entheogenesis by Swine Overlord – A Comment

ghp039-swine-overlord-entheogenesisOut today, September 23rd 2016, is Swine Overlord‘s new album Entheogenesis via Gore House Productions.

A really good death metal album, featuring special guest appearances of Tim Bee (Paroxysmal Butchering) and Jord James (Disentomb), Swine Overlord produces a great album with pounding tempos and progressive riffs.

A duo from New York and New Jersey, Will Peplinsky delivers the goods through drum programming, bass and guitars and Anthony Viscusi through vocals.

You can stream the album through Bandcamp and acquire a physical CD while your at it.


ORDER: http://www.gorehouseproductions.com/swineoverlord
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/SwineOverlord
LABEL: http://www.gorehouseproductions.com/