Gates of Muspel – Karmanjaka

Released last February 11th, 2022–via Grind to Death Records, is Karmanjaka and their 3rd full-length album: Gates of Muspel.

The album follows their latest EP Hugin released in 2021.

Gates of Muspel is an album that is between Melodeath and Progressive Death Metal, although it is Death Metal.

I need to consider the fact that Karmanjaka started as a one-man-band (which I always admire) in 2016 but evolved rapidly into five mate band soon after.

Cool and interesting album. Karmanjaka needs more attention.


‘The Ladder’ by Palace of Worms – A Comment


Out last February 17th 2017, was the CD version of ‘The Ladder‘ by Palace of Worms via Acephale Winter Productions.

Featuring a progressive black metal sound, Palace of Worms is the work of a one-man band, Balan, where he composes and plays all the music.

In the veins of melodic black metal bands but with a progressive sound, Balan transports us in an atmospheric and aggressive ballad.

The Ladder‘ is Palace of Worms third full-length album.

Highly recommended to fans of progressive black metal, ‘The Ladder‘ is available on Bandcamp.



‘Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal’ by Czar – A Comment


Out last January 21st 2017 was Czar‘s self-released album ‘Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal‘, now available in digital format.

A progressive noise act from Tacoma, Washington, USA, Czar shares with us their weirdness with a fantastic 46-minutes album that does not fit necessarily into extreme metal but still shreds and screams.

With refreshing riffing and musicality, Czar is a must to have in your playlist. If your into Mr. Bungle and Faith No More your gonna love ‘Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal‘ by Czar. Else have a listen. Available on Bandcamp.



‘Engla Tocyme’ by Forefather – A Comment


Out tlast January 15th 2017 was the re-release of ‘Engla Tocyme‘ by Forefather via Heidens Hart Records.

A pagan/folk/progressive metal act from UK, Forefather delivers us a great melodic album launched originally in 2002 with an extra song, ‘Loyalty Bound‘, for the 2017 re-release.

Not a death metal album, although some songs have stronger vocals, Forefather with ‘Engla Tocyme‘ lets us discover their young talent and makes us curious to listen to some more of their music.

Engla Tocyme‘ being Forefather‘s third release, they have a total of seven releases, the latest being ‘Curse of the Cwelled‘, available on Bandcamp, along with ‘Engla Tocyme‘ and their other releases. A must to have on your playlist if you like melodic metal and don’t mind some clean vocals.



‘The Ones Who Create, The Ones Who Destroy’ by Crator – A Comment


Out last September 14th 2016 was self-released ‘The Ones Who Create, The Ones Who Destroy‘ by Crator.

A technical metal act from New York, USA, Crator delivers a powerful album that is on the verge of grind and progressive death.

Using the services of Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice), the powerful bass techniques enhances the musicality of the band and makes us loving the album instantly.

Not for the faint of heart, ‘The Ones Who Create, The Ones Who Destroy‘ by Crator is a good album for lovers of grindcore and technical death metal. Available on Bandcamp.



‘Bending Light’ by Tactus – A Comment


Out last October 7th 2016 was self-released ‘Bending Light‘ by Tactus.

A five member band of progressive metal from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, ‘Bending Light‘ is Tactus‘ first full-length release following two EPs previously released in 2014 and 2015, and featuring their unique talent to fuse jazzy musicality and rock atmosphere.

Some clean singing along guttural vocals, ‘Bending Light‘ by Tactus is an excellent album for those who enjoy heavy music and appreciate music performance that goes beyond your regular mainstream heavy metal.

Highly recommended. Available on Bandcamp and Spotify.