The Rise Of Evil​:​Killer Instinct – Rimfrost

The Swedish band Rimfrost are back, returning with a 2-piece single, The Rise Of Evil​ : ​Killer Instinct released independently January 6th 2022.

After the splitting of the band in 2019, they came back to the studio in 2021 to record Killer Instinct (released in 2021) and these two songs which in all follows the theme of their previous album Expedition : Darkness released in 2019.

The songs are reminiscent of Scandinivian Blackened Heavy Metal.


‘Promised Land’ by Valfreya – A Comment


Out last January 13th 2017, was self-released ‘Promised Land‘ by Valfreya.

A viking/folk/epic death metal band from Montreal, Canada, Valfreya delivers a powerful album that is sure to embark you into the journey of Eric The Red along the coasts of America and make the discoveries with him.

Well produced and written with talent, Valfreya has released a really interesting album that, in my opinion, might please death metal fans, more than some bands in the folk/pagan metal style, where some times volktroll is more present and aggressiveness less put up front. With Valfreya you have blast beats and guttural vocals along the chants of the lovely female bandmate (which I can’t identify by her name… sorry).

So, you’re looking into epic metal but is still into the death realm, try ‘Promised Land‘ by Valfreya. Available on Bandcamp and major retailers.



‘Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary’ by Ashenspire – A Comment


Out this Friday January 20th 2017, is ‘Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary‘ by Ashenspire via Code666.

A heavy rock British act, Ashenspire is a mix of folk, rock and DBSM, where the music still holds as heavy metal but the vocals requires our attention as the stories unfolds and the clean lamenting singing leads our ears into a human odyssey.

If you’re into DBSM and are looking for some more down to earth singing and want to be transported into a journey of harrowing journey, get ‘Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary‘ by Ashenspire.

Available on Bandcamp.

‘Engla Tocyme’ by Forefather – A Comment


Out tlast January 15th 2017 was the re-release of ‘Engla Tocyme‘ by Forefather via Heidens Hart Records.

A pagan/folk/progressive metal act from UK, Forefather delivers us a great melodic album launched originally in 2002 with an extra song, ‘Loyalty Bound‘, for the 2017 re-release.

Not a death metal album, although some songs have stronger vocals, Forefather with ‘Engla Tocyme‘ lets us discover their young talent and makes us curious to listen to some more of their music.

Engla Tocyme‘ being Forefather‘s third release, they have a total of seven releases, the latest being ‘Curse of the Cwelled‘, available on Bandcamp, along with ‘Engla Tocyme‘ and their other releases. A must to have on your playlist if you like melodic metal and don’t mind some clean vocals.



‘Unlocked Doors’ by IceThurs – A Comment


Out today Friday October 21st 2016 is IceThurS‘ ‘Unlocked Doors‘ via Bud Metal Records.

A Russian band in the pagan folk metal style, expect some symphonic touches and joyful chants.

A well produced album where one is transported through joy and sadness along victory songs and defeat cries.

A fun album for one to divers its playlist, you can find IceThurS‘ ‘Unlocked Doors‘ on Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.


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Болотный Угар (Marsh Madness) by Тринадцатый Бубен (Thirteenth Tambourine) – A Comment


From Ukraine comes Тринадцатый Бубен or Thirteenth Tambourine with their new first full-length album Болотный Угар or Marsh Madness.

Being released today, August 2nd 2016, the Marsh Madness album presents us a folk/pagan death metal band; giving us a refreshing production where some instruments not common to metal are used and cheering vocals are combined to enlighten our ears and bring diversity to one’s metal collection.

Active since 2010, the band, a four member set, from Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, has been creatively at work the last years to give us Болотный Угар (Marsh Madness), a must have album for all world metal fans.

Hoping they’ll have a Bandcamp entry soon so we can stream their album, for the moment you can sample their work in the following YouTube video.