Metta, Benevolence BBC 6Music : Live on the Invitation of Mary Anne Hobbs – Sunn O)))

Another one from Sunn O))), recorded in 2019 in UK for the BBC 6 radio show, Samhain. Included in this ambient release is Troubled Air from the 2019 release Life Metal which I really enjoyed when it came out.

This album is already available on Bandcamp and merchandise is to be released in 2022.

‘Memorandum Occultus’ by The Committee – A Comment


Out today, Saturday February 25th 2017, is ‘Memorandum Occultus‘ by The Committee via Folter Records.

A black doom metal band from originally Belgium, The Committee is now a multi-origin band of Europe where they put there efforts into this really great album.

An album where melodic riffs along steady aggressive drums and guttural vocals make up a classic death/black/doom metal album to be.

Versing into a legacy of knowledge transcended onto future generations of man, ‘Memorandum Occultus‘ is to be known as a resource of diabolical rules for the enslavement and genocide of many.

Memorandum Occultus‘ is the second full-length album of The Committee and lets hope it appears on Bandcamp very soon. Highly recommended.


‘Within the Mist of Sorrow’ by Vanha – A Comment


Out last December 28th 2016, was ‘Within the Mist of Sorrow‘ by Vanha via Black Lion Records.

A doom/death metal act from Sweden, the duo of Jan Johannson (vocals, keyboards & guitars) and Jesse Oinas (drums) delivers a powerful album that is majestic and tenebrous as it can be, with powerful drums and majestuous vocals.

The album is well produced and the musicianship is all percepted from the beginning of the album, ’till the end. A must have album if your into death and like slow tempo beats. Available on Bandcamp.



‘Im Fallen Verlaufen’ by Endlos – A Comment

052_1Out last March 18th 2016 was released ‘Im Fallen Verlaufen‘ by Endlos via Symbol Of Domination Productions and Narbentage Produktionen.

Essentially a black doom metal album, ‘Im Fallen Verlaufen’ is an album aggressive and gloomy where desperate melodies and shrieking vocals give an athmosphere of melancoly and depression.

For fans of the style and other ears curious to the style, the album is appreciable in its entirety.

Endlos is a German duo where they share their talent in ‘Im Fallen Verlauchen‘. You can find the album ‘Im Fallen Verlaufen‘ by Endlos on Bandcamp.



‘The Carnal Sabbath’ by Helleborus – A Comment

4_PanelOut last June 17th 2016 was Helleborus‘ ‘The Carnal Sabbath‘ via Satanath Records and Black Plague Records.

A black/blackened death/doom metal project from the Houseman brothers of Manitou Springs, Colorado; expect a high quality metal from these two. Wyatt Houseman explores the vocals and is the lyricist and Jerred Houseman is behind all the instruments and the production.

Essentially a well written album, the compositions are a mix of melodic metal along a range of guttural low and raspy vocal performances. A great black/death album for a wide range of metal fans.

Check out for yourself through the following Bandcamp streaming widget.



Sun Killer by Shadow Witch – A Comment


Out today, Monday August 15th 2016, is Shadow Witch‘s ‘Sun Killer‘ via Snake Charmer Coalition, a stoner metal album that you’ll sure to like if you’re into that style.

Featuring good rock vibes, ‘Sun Killer‘ has all the required elements for a solid debut effort.

The Quartet from Kingston, New York presents us with something of a 70’s rock along some more modern Fuzzy style. If your into old Black Sabbath or into some recent doomer rock, then Shadow Witch is what you’re looking for. Expect to hear more about Shadow Witch in the times to come.

Listen to the Soundcloud streaming below and Rock On! Get ‘Sun Killer‘ by Shadow Witch available today.