Slave to the Scalpel – 200 STAB WOUNDS

Released last November 12th of this holy (what???) 2021 is 200 Stab WoundsSlave to the Scalpel. From Ohio, USA, 200 Stab Wounds gives us a solid album that is in the trenches of Death Metal but with solid Heavy Metal riffs. It delivers! Enjoy!

The Everlasting Plague – Pathology

They are back! Pathology with a new album, The Everlasting Plague, a follow up of the solid Reborn to Kill which came out in 2019.

I’ve been listening to this gem all morning on repeat, and it’s a boner!

Take a listen to it!

‘Reign of Terror’ by Acranius – A Comment


Out tomorrow, Friday January 27th 2017, is ‘Reign of Terror‘ by Acranius via Rising Nemesis Records.

A brutal slamming death metal act from Rostock, Germany, Acranius produced this third full-length album and, as such brutal death metal bands, they really get us slammin’ and get hungry for more.

As for slam, I don’t know what is the secret of this musical recipe, but I generally love the style and never tire of it.

Well produced, ‘Reign of Terror‘ by Acranius is what you need in your next playlist. Available on Bandcamp and Spotify.



‘Crawl Space Burial’ by Stages Of Decomposition – A Comment


Released yesterday, September 9th 2016, was ‘Crawl Space Burial‘ by Stages Of Decomposition via Gore House Productions.

A death metal band from Los Angeles, California, they are back after their first full-length album ‘Piles Of Rotting Flesh‘ with an EP of three songs + a live one. They’ve been touring extensively during the last 2 years and are offering us the ‘Crawl Space Burial‘ EP between the next full-length album.

With well written songs and aggressive beats and riffs, listen to the Bandcamp streaming widget below and buy this interesting shorty if you like. Also posted below is their official video of the song ‘Killing Under Possession‘ available on the ‘Crawl Space Burial‘ EP.



‘Innards Of Misanthropic Embodiment’ by Infectology – A Comment

GHP038 - Infectology - Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment

Coming out this Friday, August 12th 2016, is ‘Innards Of Misanthropic Embodiment‘ by Infectology from Gore House Productions.

A quartet from Ecuador, they exist since 2009 and ‘Innards Of Misanthropic Embodiment‘ is their second full-length album after ‘Origin of Pathological Extermination‘ that came out in 2013 and a split appearance in 2015.

In the veins of some old Kataclysm, Cryptopsy and Gastrorrexis, Infectology is a brutal death act that offers us a great album that extreme metal fans just like to own.

Listen to the streaming below to have a taste of their album and don’t forget to buy for it to be in your playlist.



‘Quinte Essentials Of Brutality Vol. 1’ by CDN Records – A Comment

coverCDN Records is releasing a compilation of extreme/brutal metal this Friday, August 12th 2016, titled ‘Quinte Essentials Of Brutality Vol 1‘.

In this album you’ll find bands well versed in brutal death metal such as Corprophemia from Canada, Gape from Australia, Infected Cadaver from Denmark, Cuff from Canada and Urethral Injection from the US.

You’ll find three songs by each of the mentioned bands on this release available through CDN Records Website.

Here’s some sample of what you’ll find on this album coming out tomorrow.


Infected Cadaver:
Urethral Injection: