New! Kultur 666 Podcast

k6-icon-2.0-podcastStarting Wednesday August 3rd 2016, we’ll start producing a podcast featuring metal music.

We’ll share the podcast here on but, coming in the next few weeks, it will be available as a feed on different syndication services.

You’re invited to listen to ‘Kultur 666 Podcast’ if you’re into metal music and want to listen to new stuff either as it recently came out or is about to be launched. Some old stuff will also be featured.

Stay tuned!

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Abhorrogenesis by Corprophemia – A Comment


Out last March 2016 was Corprophemia‘s Abhorrogenesis.

Offering us a technical brutal death metal genre, Abhorrogenesis is a complex album where songs are in low key and the riffs are not easy to be hummed.

As per this guitar playthrough for the song Abhorrogenesis, they play 8-string guitars, so the tunes are really low.

They master their songs really well and the drums are very tight along with a common death guttural singer.

As I usually say, I prefer easy melodies. This is an album for fans of technical brutal death metal that like to have their ear canals cleaned with this kind of music; here’s a sample of the album, Hour Of The Witch (crank it up!):