Guillotine – Hässlig

Cool new band with screeching vocals and punkish-grindcore, Hässlig. I haven’t found much info on the band. Their new realease Guillotine, which came out this year’s November 26th, is interesting enough to remember them and hope for some more releases in the future.

A cool, dark album! Enjoy!

The Everlasting Plague – Pathology

They are back! Pathology with a new album, The Everlasting Plague, a follow up of the solid Reborn to Kill which came out in 2019.

I’ve been listening to this gem all morning on repeat, and it’s a boner!

Take a listen to it!

Oxidized – Frontierer

Released last 1st October 2021, Frontierer with their ever (memorable??? 🤣) slashing-distortion-riffs and string-pick-slides-zigzags tunes in a new 4th album release, Oxidized.

I had really liked their 3rd release, Unloved, it had something cringing all along and had lovable anger… as we all like here.

Enjoy with clean ears: Might make earwax melt.