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A 2021 Rebirth

Hey Ho!

I am back with this project which was my most successful in the last 5 years.

So I have listened to mostly Metal (N. D. !!!) and some Electronica in the past years, so my ears are still sharp!

I will mostly restart this project slowly or as the PRs come in, so send in all your stuff; it’s all opened.

👉 Promoting on Kultur 666 👈

The Death Of The Kultur 666 Podcast


So yes, after a matured thinking, and also, after previously mentioning it, the Kultur 666 Podcast is dead and buried.

There are far better ways now to discover new music and we encourage you to use them such as the radio stations as promoted by on-demand streaming music services.

We want to thank the followers of the Kultur 666 Podcast and we will keep feeding you with reviews here on

Thank you & !,,!_ Metal On _!,,!

No Kultur 666 Podcast Episode This Week


Sometimes we end up changing a few things for the better and most the times that change is due to something new. The new thing is online music streaming such as Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music, as it grows into being more and more popular, and changing the rules of what was being known and done for decades.

So the old ways are moving to better, new ways. Not wanting to part with what was a fun way of sharing new music with you folks, but when with a single click we can have infinite lists of suggestions with all the available database of 30M+ songs, the old radio format of Kultur 666 Podcast just dies.

So, to go with a shaky week, we are not publishing the podcast this week and in the next few days we’ll take the decision if it will continue or just stay dead.

Thanks for sharing, and !,,!_ Metal On _!,,!

Rapheumets Well – Fall 2016 Tour Dates


Rapheumets Well is cruising along the Southern East Coast and they might be in your neighborhood this fall.

Having launched their latest album album, ‘The Exile‘, last March 18th 2016 via Test Your Metal Records, expect to see a Sci-Fi metal orchestra at these shows this October and November.

Here’s the dates:

Oct 28 – Hickory, NC – Wizard Saloon
Oct 29 – Spartansburg, SC – Ground Zero
Nov 1 – Spartansburg, SC – Ground Zero w/ Alestorm, Nekrogoblikon, Aether Realm
Nov 18 – Tampa Bay, FL – Swarm Fest
Nov 19 – Greenville, SC – Radio Room
Nov 30 – Raleigh, NC – Kings w/ Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arkona, The Agonist, Aether Realm

You can find Rapheumets Well‘s ‘The Exile‘ on Bandcamp.



Tiny Changes To The Kultur 666 Podcast

k6-icon-2.0-podcastIf you’ve subscribed to the Kultur 666 Podcast through a podcast client, please take note that the URL of the RSS feed has changed.

Starting September 1st 2016 the host of the Kultur 666 Podcast will be Soundcloud and to subscribe and download the episodes through your favourite podcast client, it must be done with the following URL:

If you’ve been listening through iTunes or the posts on, nothing has changed and nothing changes. You will still be able to listen and download the episodes through the episode posts in or through iTunes.

In addition, now you can follow us on and interact with our tracks. While you’re at it, take also a peek to what we listen to. (What?!? There’s tons of minimal techno?!?)

!,,!_ Metal On _!,,!

New! Kultur 666 Podcast

k6-icon-2.0-podcastStarting Wednesday August 3rd 2016, we’ll start producing a podcast featuring metal music.

We’ll share the podcast here on but, coming in the next few weeks, it will be available as a feed on different syndication services.

You’re invited to listen to ‘Kultur 666 Podcast’ if you’re into metal music and want to listen to new stuff either as it recently came out or is about to be launched. Some old stuff will also be featured.

Stay tuned!

You can subscribe with the RSS link or you can subscribe via iTunes or visit our Soundcloud page!

!,,!_ Metal On _!,,!