4_PanelOut last June 17th 2016 was Helleborus‘ ‘The Carnal Sabbath‘ via Satanath Records and Black Plague Records.

A black/blackened death/doom metal project from the Houseman brothers of Manitou Springs, Colorado; expect a high quality metal from these two. Wyatt Houseman explores the vocals and is the lyricist and Jerred Houseman is behind all the instruments and the production.

Essentially a well written album, the compositions are a mix of melodic metal along a range of guttural low and raspy vocal performances. A great black/death album for a wide range of metal fans.

Check out for yourself through the following Bandcamp streaming widget.

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/HelleborusBlack/ BUY: https://helleborusblack.bandcamp.com/releases LABELS: http://satanath.com AND http://www.blackplaguerecords.com/