003-039-0071I’m not a pure black cavendish person. I tried Mac Baren’s 7 Seas Black blend because I wanted to try all Mac Baren’s 7 Seas blends and also because the pound bag was very inexpensive. Living with a tight budget and being a pipe smoker in Canada is almost impossible. But ordering pipe tobacco from the US in small batches is a doable thing making the hobby much less expensive.

So I got the 16oz bag a year ago. It was my first all black cavendish blend and, of course for me, on the first bowl I quickly saw my month becoming extremely arduous. For one full month I only smoked this blend, and oh boy was it difficult to get to the next month. I was salivating at the idea of getting some tasty smoke.

For those who like sole black cavendish blends I think they are satisfied with the 7 Seas Black blend as I have read through the reviews of it.

For me it was the last time I ordered or bought such bland tobacco. Never more, unless I become in my 70’s a codger enjoying such.

Available in 100g tins, 16oz bags and in bulk at SmokingPipes.com.