005-006-0001One good aromatic pipe tobacco is Lane Limited’s 1-Q, which I smoked last year after reading lots of reviews online.

Usually a go-to tobacco for novices, 1-Q is a simple mild aromatic. After smoking a bowl of it I had liked it but was more inclined to another stronger aromatic, Sutliff’s Tobacco Galleria’s Night Cap.

Having sent almost 3/4ths of my 4oz bag to my uncle in Ontario I regretted a bit to have less of this good aromatic, but since then I’ve changed my tastes in tobacco, so I regret less now and hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.

1-Q is basically a Golden Cavendish blend from Lane but with a hint of Fire-Cured blended in provides scintillating taste and flavorful aroma.

Recommended to all novice pipers and still enjoyed by experienced ones, with its popularity, 1-Q is sure to be around for some decades to come.

Available in 1.75oz tins and in bulk at SmokingPipes.com.