Hoping to find a Burley blend, it ended up instead to be another aromatic.

As I have mentioned a priori, I’m not enjoying aromatics lately. My favourite for the moment seams to be a regular Mac Baren 7 Seas blend but I’m swimming into more natural tastes and ordering an aro is for the moment out of the question.

So why did I get this blend? First, as mentioned on the SmokingPipes.com Website, this blend is considered to be in a Burley blend family, even though they mention it is a mild aromatic as in the following cited description:

Though a mild aromatic in terms of flavor, Lane’s HG-2000 is a Burley-based, toasted Cavendish blend containing a good dose of vitamin “N” nonetheless. Burns easy, and, as reviews have noted, free of bite.

I wouldn’t have ordered it If it would have been in the aromatics family. Still, I’m trying to get some compensation; we’ll see if they’ll be nice for their mistake.

I’m searching for a Burley blend that will be full nutty. I still have to try a few blends. I did try Sutliff’s Golden Extra, which I liked, but SmokingPipes.com discontinued it (might be because of a dispute with Mac Baren holding a Golden Extra also). Mac Baren’s Symphony and Golden Extra are ready rubbed Burley flakes which I’ll try sooner or later.

Available in bulk at SmokingPipes.com.

Edit: SmokingPipes.com refunded me and changed the family from Burley to Aromatic. Such nice people.