Hi fellow promoters, musicians, bands and labels. Promote an album on kultur666.com for free and get recognition on the Web along some higher merchandising sales and more fans on the next gigs.

All it is needed is that you send your albums to Kultur 666’s maintainer and he’ll be more than happy to help raise attention to your to-be released album or previously released merchandise.

While sending CD’s may be a more valuable way to promote your album, actually it is more cumbersome than sending a zip file with your mp3’s, as long as the songs are rightly tagged. But sending both is even more valuable. 😉 Digital packages eases the maintenance of our music database and produces results that are both faster and productive for online reviews.

So yes, we prefer that you send us mp3’s along some electronic press kit documents and a medium-to-large sized album cover all bundled into a compressed folder or also send along any physical media you want us to review.

Kontakt the maintainer to request an email reply for inquiry and review on kultur666.com and also to send your digital package; it’ll be a pleasure to chat with you and help your band, label or promotions reach a high degree of attention.


We like to accompany the reviews with some juice for the visiting kultur666.com folks, so they can enjoy your work. Our preferred method of album sampling is through the usage of a Bandcamp streaming widget that we link at the end of the reviews. We don’t have to explain why it is the best way to promote a band as it is quite evident, but if the band doesn’t have some Bandcamp page or YouTube Channel the value of the review looses all its potential and the promoter will almost go nowhere with the promotion.

So open a Bandcamp account; feature your songs on YouTube; feed the fans and you’ll have much more success, it is guaranteed.


We don’t make money out of your material. We help bands to reach a degree of success through promotion by online reviews only.

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