Out tlast January 15th 2017 was the re-release of ‘Engla Tocyme‘ by Forefather via Heidens Hart Records.

A pagan/folk/progressive metal act from UK, Forefather delivers us a great melodic album launched originally in 2002 with an extra song, ‘Loyalty Bound‘, for the 2017 re-release.

Not a death metal album, although some songs have stronger vocals, Forefather with ‘Engla Tocyme‘ lets us discover their young talent and makes us curious to listen to some more of their music.

Engla Tocyme‘ being Forefather‘s third release, they have a total of seven releases, the latest being ‘Curse of the Cwelled‘, available on Bandcamp, along with ‘Engla Tocyme‘ and their other releases. A must to have on your playlist if you like melodic metal and don’t mind some clean vocals.

BUY: https://forefather.bandcamp.com/