Out last January 13th 2017, was self-released ‘Promised Land‘ by Valfreya.

A viking/folk/epic death metal band from Montreal, Canada, Valfreya delivers a powerful album that is sure to embark you into the journey of Eric The Red along the coasts of America and make the discoveries with him.

Well produced and written with talent, Valfreya has released a really interesting album that, in my opinion, might please death metal fans, more than some bands in the folk/pagan metal style, where some times volktroll is more present and aggressiveness less put up front. With Valfreya you have blast beats and guttural vocals along the chants of the lovely female bandmate (which I can’t identify by her name… sorry).

So, you’re looking into epic metal but is still into the death realm, try ‘Promised Land‘ by Valfreya. Available on Bandcamp and major retailers.