Out today Friday January 13th 2017 is a split eponymous album by Burials and Exhausted Prayer via Apes Who Looked Up and Rose Quarter Records.

A half death metal and half blackened death metal album with original riffs and musicality, the Burials/Exhausted Prayer split the a kind of album that you get the hang of it really quickly and you love after a listen.

A great album to have in your playlist, the first half of the split is played by Burials. From Portland, Oregon, USA, they ingeniously play four songs which are well written and bring fresh sounds to our ears. A bit half progressive with aggressive beats, the guttural vocals of the singer goes along pretty well with the awesome musicianship of the band.

The other half played by Exhausted Prayer, from Los Angeles, USA, presents us great blackened death metal which fits nicely with the Burials songs. A bit less progressive but utterly awesome, Exhausted Prayer delivers pounding blasted drums and great screaming vocals. The riffing is excellent and the melodies are well written. A band to watch for they have great talent.

A must to listen, I highly recommend this album to death and black metal fans. A well recorded album, available on Bandcamp.