Reign by Sons Ov Omega – A Comment


Released last February 18th 2017, was Reign by Sons Ov Omega via Black Lion Records.

A melodic death metal band from Sweden, Sons Ov Omega features Invictuz on the vocals from Wormlight, a welcomed band that share the same label.

Featuring well planed songs for the last 5 years since their inception, Sons Ov Omega hit the studio in 2015 to start give birth to Reign where, not only do they achieve a well produced album, but also makes us beg for more of this well written record.

Revolving around the themes of death and annihilation, the vein of the album is coherent with bands such as Edge Of Sanity and some Enslaved.

Highly recommended to your playlist, you can find Reign by Sons Ov Omega on Bandcamp.



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